Barbell Shrugged

9 Steps to Becoming a Real Weightlifter

Doug Larson

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    • That’s what everyone wants. You have to build, though, then refine. It’s a process, not a simultaneous fix that can be found.

  • As someone who is beginning weightlifting late – i have been learning these very things – slowly. its very good to hear them articulated so clearly.
    I was teaching myself the lifts at a YMCA – and now have been lifting at a crossfit gym with a coach. There truly is no substitute for load. Lifting repeatedly at light load seems to only have reinforced bad habits – that i didn’t even know i had. All the crappy pulls in the world do not get me ready or a single heavy pull. Weight on the bar reveals all the little things i wasn’t even aware of. Its humbling and exciting at the same time to know i have so much to work on. But i would never have known if i just kept ripping 135# off the floor and thinking I was making progress.

    Thanks for the the great content.

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