Barbell Shrugged

10 Principles for Success with Lewis Howes

Doug Larson


  • Wow. This podcast along with the one for Barbell Business are, in my opinion, some of the best you guy have done (and that is saying a lot). I feel like I need to listen to it a couple more times and take better notes. Already shared it with my gym and encouraged my wife to listen to it for her own business development. Thanks for the great content, guys!

  • Looking good Chris!
    Enjoyed the episode, Lewis is super animated and you can just tell he’s put in the time getting to know how to communicate to other people.

  • Pretty sure that everyone I know and at my gym get tired of me saying listen to Barbell Shrugged podcast. Well this week won’t be any different. As an owner and coach, this was great. Thanks guys

    • Loved the interview! I noticed in the video that paperback copies of your book are shown, but on Amazon all they have are hardcovers. Am I missing something or are paperback versions just not available for pre-order right now?

      • I don’t know. I thought that was the pre-order version. Oh well. It’s a good read, so what ever version you end up getting will be great…. 😉

  • Really enjoyed this and the BB Business episode. Great content – superbly delivered. I immediately sought out The School of Greatness podcast to add to my rotation – and am looking to grab the book when it comes out.
    Love the definition of greatness he gives in the BB Business episode:
    Make the most of your talents – to make the maximum impact for the maximum number of people.
    This folds so well into the mindset you guys have been preaching all along- operate from a position of giving – and good things result. Hearkens back to the Dave Tate episode as well – give value, and you will be rewarded.

  • Is it just me or are these 8 principles?
    I could have sworn it was 8 last week when I listened, the list here shows 8 yet every title I can find on this podcast shows 10. lol
    Whats up

  • Lots of good wisdom. Will be re-watching. You should know I was listening to it on iTunes, yet you sounded like you were having so much fun had to watch. Cheers.

  • This is one of my favorite episodes to date, very motivating, and great for myself at this point in my life. I didn’t know who Lewis Howes was before this episode, and since listening have downloaded the sample to his book and I’ll have to say the exercises at the end of the chapters are great, I’ll definitely be purchasing the book. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • This is by far my favorite episode so far. Since listening to this episode I ahve also started listening to Mr. Howes’s podcast, and you guys really fire me up and inspire me to excel. Thank you.

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