Barbell Shrugged

Dr. Brian Schilling and Leslie Schilling – Episode Four

 The Barbell Shrugged crew nerds out about olympic weightlifting with Dr. Brian Schilling and explores the what’s and why’s to interval training. Later in the show Brian’s wife Leslie, a registered dietitian discusses eating disorders and the current state of nutrition research.

Dorf Powerlifting (0:36)
Intro & Topics (2:38)
Research Effecting Your Training (3:50)
Work to Rest Ratio Training (4:48)
Intensity of Crossfit (9:54)
Injuries from Weightlifting (12:20)
Olympic Weightlifting (14:24)
Countries Different Programming (20:14)
Frequency Between Weightlifters & Powerlifters (22:32)
Olympic Weightlifting: Monologue (25:10)
KickStarter Campaign (28:39)
Back From Break (31:15)
Leslie’s Background (31:56)
Not All Dietitians Are Created Equal (34:00)
RDA’s & One Size Doesn’t Fit All (36:56)
Eating Disorders (38:18)
Whole Foods (40:15)
Tabata Training (41:52)
Slow Progression & Reasonable Goals (44:23)
The Schilling’s Diet & Cheat Meals (50:17)
Pay Attention to Food (53:54)
Two Keys to Nutrition (55:10)
Pizza Eater (57:18)
Awareness (58:02)
Leslie’s Thoughts on Paleo (1:00:00)
Day-to-Day Protein (1:02:18)
Mark’s Daily Apple Post (1:04:16)
Processed Food Tricks Your Body (1:06:30)
Seasons for Food: Then and Now (1:07:30)
No Carbs & Caloric Restrictions. Key Tones (1:09:00)
Positive of Paleo, Real Food & Food Labels (1:10:23)
Dr. Schilling’s Optimal Training (1:14:11)
Leslie’s After Training Recovery Diet (1:15:27)
Coffee & Caffeine (1:19:25)

Doug Larson

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