Barbell Shrugged

Olympic Weightlifting Elitism w/Paul Eich – Episode 7

Join the Barbell Shrugged crew for episode seven of the podcast as they are joined by Paul Eich to talk about “Olympic Weightlifting Elitism,” as well as your regular dose of nonsense!

Audio only on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/barbell-shrugged/id509969439

Origin of Eich (1:53)
Introduction (4:03)
Olympic Weightlifting Elitism from a Crossfitters Perspective (5:25)
Generalized Fitness (9:20)
Crossfit and Weightlifting Exposure (11:45)
Programming (14:00)
Elitist Programming Compared to Programming (21:30)
Training Improvement (22:10)
Crossfit Journal Article (24:38)
Programming Elitism (25:17)
Staying on a Plan (27:00)
Accepting Who You Are (28:35)
Progress Leveling (31:12)
Movement Variations (32:50)
Press Options (35:35)
Awesome Video (40:50)
Kony 2012 (42:50)
Ledged of Karate Man (45:57)
Another Karate Legend (49:16)
Bears Muscle Mass (50:16)
Gladiator and Other Movies (52:25)
Train the Band (53:13)
Vegetable Oil and the Body (54:08)
Recommendation to Counteract Veggie Oil (58:06)
Flax Seed Oil Versus Fish Oil (59:50)
Natural Supplements (1:07:26)
Farm Food (1:09:01)
Idea of Being the Best (1:10:01)
Fish Oil (1:12:17)
McDonalds Pink Slim (1:12:40)
Getting too Strong too Fast (1:18:45)
Plugs (1:24:20)

Doug Larson

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