Barbell Shrugged

Helping Military Veterans with PTSD Achieve Greatness in Fitness through the FitOps Foundation w/ Matt Hesse, Anders Varner, and Doug Larson – Barbell Shrugged #444

FitOps is a non-profit organization powered by PERFORMIX® that trains and certifies veterans as elite personal trainers. The on-site program concludes with the certification of fitness industry professionals — who are experts in exercise and in leadership, designated as Certified Veteran Fitness Operatives (CVFO).

In this episode of Barbell Shrugged Matt, Anders, and Doug discuss:

The life of a veteran facing PTSD

The core values at the heart of FitOps and how they drive the mission forward

The current state of veterans and why Matt felt the calling to create FitOps

The importance of fitness in and out of the military

The current resources inside the military for PTSD

How you can help support military vets

And more…

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