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More than Macros: The Metabolic Performance Protocol and Why You Need. Nutrition Coach w/ Aaron Straker, Anders Varner, and Doug Larson – Barbell Shrugged – #474

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What You Get: 4 Physique Enhancing Training Programs

What You Get:

  1. Core Durability: Core Stability Building Your Six Pack ($47)
  2. Dumbbell Physique – Aesthetics Training Using Dumbbells ($47)
  3. Kettlebell Physique – Aesthetics Training Using Kettlebells ($47)
  4. Functional Bodybuilding Hypertrophy Template – Build Your Program, Build Your Body ($47)

Two Bonus Personalized Nutrition Resources:

  1. Shredded Nutrition – 12 Part Nutrition Course, Meal Plans, Tracking Sheets, and Recipes to Lose Body Fat and Gain Lean Muscle ($97)
  2. OTC: Macronutrient Calculator –  Personalized nutrition plan to get the body you desire ($97)

Total Retail Value $382 for all 6 Programs.

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6 Programs for the price of 2 saving you over $285.

In today’s episode the crew discusses:

Why hire a nutrition coach.

Why hiring a coach is more than macros

What is the Metabolic Performance Reset

Physique and performance nutrition coaching similarities and differences

How to overcome your genetics

The 4 stages of nutrition periodization

How to eat to get jacked

And more…

Find Aaron Straker

Instagram: @aaron_straker

Website: strakernutritionco.com

Metabolic Performance Protocol: strakernutritionco.com/metabolic-performance-protocol

Anders Varner on Instagram

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Training Programs to Build Muscle 

Nutrition Programs to Lose Fat and Build Muscle

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