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Fittogether: Healthy Social Media Focused on Fitness w/ Anders Varner, and Doug Larson, and Scott Bowen – Barbell Shrugged – #480

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Scott is a lifelong fitness junkie and self-proclaimed “gym rat”. His love for fitness started off early in life developing a love for soccer and team sports. While most kids had books in their backpacks to bring to school and for homework, Scott always had a soccer ball in his. During lunch breaks Scott would go outside and juggle or practice dribbling skills while his classmates ate lunch.  

Scott’s father purchased a “DP Home Gym” for their house in Montclair, VA and that was his first interaction with weight training.  It was not long before he was fully addicted to the ritual and started buying bodybuilding books and spending all his time after school in a local gym in Woodbridge, VA called “The Arena” with some of his best friends and soccer teammates.  Once the changes started to become noticeable and the strength started kicking in, there was no turning back. In the 30+ years of being in and out of gyms, Scott never took more than probably 10 days off from being in the gym until COVID hit us this year. S

Scott loves being with friends and family and, of course, sharing fitness stories and conquests. It really comes as no surprise that he found a way to build his future around building relationships and providing a platform like FitTogether that allows so many like minded people to gather in one place with the only goal in mind of helping every single member succeed in their fitness journey, TOGETHER.

In today’s episode the crew discusses:

Building communities inside gyms

Taking action and using social media for good

Building the Fittogether app to unite the fitness industry

Eliminating negativity and just focusing on fitness

How personal trainers can benefit from social media and Fittogether 

How gym owners can increase sales and community using Fittogether 

And more…

Download Fittogether: http://onelink.to/fittogether 

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Anders Varner

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