Barbell Shrugged

How The 4-Hour Workweek made Barbell Shrugged possible

Doug Larson

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  • A 4-hour podcast?
    A 2-hour business podcast plus a 2 hour shrugged podcast?

    Interesting how many of my favorite authors, entrepreneurs and people to follow come together like this so often.

  • Quite possibly the best blog piece I’ve ever read. This for some reason, resonated so well with me that I’m buying the book.

    Thank you for sharing!

    Jade Xx

  • I picked up the book when I saw you guys post that Tim Ferriss would be on the show (borrowed from the library – lower cost of entry). I’ve been struggling with how to take my life up a notch and saw “mobility” (or liberation as its phrased in the book) as the farthest thing from where i needed to focus my efforts. However – thanks to this post- i can totally see how just a bit more mobiltiy (working from home one day, every other week) may open up some doors i didnt even see were there.

    during that work from home day I can: take that on-line course i’ve been looking at; put in a serious training session at the gym and work on some weaknesses; build practice plans for my youth soccer team, meet my wife for lunch, start building a relationship with a coach/mentor, …..

    Thanks, Chris.

  • This book was a great inspiration for changing my life and moving from germany to thailand.

    The 80/20 idea for customer support can make a big impact and change the way to interact with people in general.

    Smart guy with wonderful marketing.

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