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6 Speed and Power Training Strategies

Doug Larson

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  • I’ve done just about all of these and they’re great for getting faster. I also played competitive paintball and you basically would have to Sprint and change direction very quickly, while wearing and holding a few pounds of gear. Maybe I’ll start doing some of this stuff again and see if it transfers into weightlifting.

  • PJ, love this stuff. In line with what we preach and Power Athlete. We’ve noticed almost ALL of the “self taught” athletes we have and athletes who get hypnotized by the grind of work capacity training scene (aka repeatedly performing cyclic compound movements with prolonged and submaximal power output) adapt to be EXTREMELY quad dominant in all squatting, stepping, and lunging drills. Naturally, they rely on that anterior to decelerate.

    We find that the biggest challenge these athletes have in the deceleration training is recruiting the musculature that is best suited to decelerate quickly, safely and effectively; the posterior. We have a couple drills (deadbugs, seesaw walks) we typically pair with deceleration drills to help the athlete start feel the sensation of decelerating with the hams/glutes.

    I’m always looking to add tools to the toolbox, do you have any other tips or tricks for this issue? Do you notice it as well?

    • If I could get 20% more explosive, I certainly would. Not everyone can be a power athlete, but everyone can get better and work on it. Most aren’t really doing anything about it. So, that’s what I would say.

  • This is absolutly something I need to work on. Speed is one of my biggest limiting factors right now. If I were to integrate it into my current workouts is it something I can tac on the end daily, or should I set aside a whole workout for?

    • Alan-

      I would recommend setting a whole day dedicated to speed training, or at least train it first thing in your workout. Speed and power are qualities that must be trained at maximum effort in order to be improved, therefore, training them in a fatigued state will not lead to performance enhancement.

      Try incorporating some of the speed and plyo drills at the beginning of your workouts (after a full warm-up), or for best results, dedicate 1-2 days per week fully to developing speed & power qualities.

      Let me know how it goes!

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