Barbell Shrugged

A Better Kind of Energy

Doug Larson

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    • Hi Joel. Chia seeds absorb a lot of water so if you eat them without soaking them, you need to be sure to drink lots otherwise you risk blockages. Not pleasant! A bit like eating a protein bar and not drinking any water. If you soak them first, then you get the benefit of the water they’ve already absorbed so they keep you hydrated longer. They turn into a gel when you soak them so they’re much easier to swallow too and your body can absorb them quicker.

      You should try them. If you check my blog or facebook page, you’ll see that I add them to energy bars and protein bars too.

      Let me know what you think. If nothing else, the sweet potato and blueberry on its own is a great pre workout snack.

  • As I’m the other half mentioned I’d just like to confirm that I’m not a crosscutter, or a crossdresser, but an avid crossfitter 😉 – Honest

  • I love the mashed sweet potato and chia seed mixture. I have been using this to fuel up before training sessions and Spartan races. Often, I fond adding a tablespoon of almond butter and a bit of Himalayan sea salt works well too, especially for long endurance training sessions.

    • Hi Ali. We eat it cold. Adding the blueberries makes it fruity so it’s tasty. If you are going to warm it though, I’d just stick your pot or bag into some hot warm to take the chill off it. Hope it works for you!

  • Wow the blue berries and the sweet potatos are very tasty. The chia seeds are good and no flavor is noticed from them what so ever. I prepped 6 servings of this. I’m looking forward to eating all of them. Also where have these fried sweet potato skins been all my life? So good and my kids love them. Thanks for the recipies.

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