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Boost Performance with Box Breathing and Meditation – TechniqueWOD

Doug Larson


  • Surprising difficult, especially the 5 second inhale. I found myself want to rush air in like I just surfaced from swimming underwater.
    It really does clear the mind though. Thanks for the tutorial!

  • I have been using a similar form of breathing from meditation exercises and just tried the tactical exercise. A quick question on the exhale, does it matter if you exhale through the nose or the mouth?? During meditation they recommend inhale (through nose) while exhale (through mouth) and i noticed that you were exhaling through the nose during the exercises.

  • Thanks so much! What a great episode, both the WOD and 166. Just got my wife to watch this with me and we both feel better! Definitely want to introduce this to my athletes…

  • This is awesome. I’ve been trying my best to do this often throughout the day. It truly clears the mind and helps me focus.

    Mark brought up in the podcast about giving Barbell Shrugged followers a 1 month free trial for his online training. I’d love to test the waters of his program. Is it possible to receive this promotional code?

  • “Start with 5 minutes of breathing. Your pattern will be 5 seconds to start but you can work up second by second in “sets” of 10 reps or so. Try 6 seconds, then 7 and 8. If you can do 10 you are pretty skilled at breathing.”

    Are we supposed to take rest periods between “sets” of breaths?

  • So difficult! However, I as I reminded myself to relax and not let the breathing stress me out, it did become easier. I have a fear of being held under water and running out of air, and at first this reminded me a lot of that fear/feeling. I definitely felt more relaxed at at ease when I had completed the box breathing. I’m going to share this with my athletes. Thank you!

  • Awesome practice! Loved it.
    Mark…tried to get on the promo but couldn’t see a 30day trial. Are you referring to the Sample membership?
    Many thanks.

  • This is so essential , yet many do not practice this.
    Unfortunately i am one of them, definitely adding this to my daily routine.

  • Breathing brings in much needed oxygen into the brain which reduces anxiety levels! When you breathe slowly, deeply and purposefully into areas tense and this will help them relax those muscles. Deep breathing can be successful using meditative practices or just focusing on doing it at certain times of the day.

  • I have found this beneficial for my asthma, which stress plays a factor in.
    The tactical breathing comes in handy too!

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