Barbell Shrugged

How to Build a Better Butt

Doug Larson


  • I’m a skier and the area around my patella has been sore since adding squats to my weekly routine, not sure why I’ve waited so long to, but that’s another story. Should I be stretching my hip flexors better?

    • Be careful. If you’re knees are always forward and taking a pounding with high volume ski training, then you squat in a similar way, you’ll have problems. I would try box squatting, maybe. Go a little wider. Sit a little further back. Will feel great on the knees.

  • What about those who are hamstring/glute dominant? is it just to squat? My quads are for sure a weak point in my squat related movements and make for 90% of the soreness I ever have being in my quads for the first 6″ above the knee. I feel like my quads are holding me back…

  • Thanks for another great techniqueWOD! Now I have another movement that I can perform while rehabbing my rotator cuffs. BTW, great shot of dog pooping at 8:29.

  • Hi guys,

    Every time i do glute bridges i get cramped (hamstring) and i feel i do not activate my left side well. Any thoughts?

    P.S: Greetings from Colombia.

  • I love utilizing single leg and unweighted bridges in my glute activation/warm ups!

    How many times a week would you suggest implementing this into training? Is one time a week sufficient if going heavy?

  • I’m Totally that person with the flat bum… I love the info. & I loo forward to implementing this more so in my training ..would you suggest I do them daily or more like 3 times a week?

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