Barbell Shrugged

Build a stronger pull with pause work

Doug Larson


  • Mr.Mash thanks for the pointers in this article. Today I begin the pausing process.
    My question is, should I still train my pull if my Squat & Deadlift aren’t very close? Trying to get my DL to that 500lb mark.

    Deadlift @440lbs Sumo 455lbs
    Back squat@340lbs Front Squat@310lbs
    Body weight 190
    Height 5’11

    • Jeff, if your goal is to pull 500, keep working the pull! That said, I think you could stand to gain a few pounds. You probably have great leverages for pulling. The squat, however, probably not, right? To address that, moving up above 200 pounds sure would help. You will pull more because of added muscle, but your form will not deteriorate. You’d have to get MUCH bigger to change technique significantly. Put on 10-15 and see how your strength changes.

  • Awesome tips, I’m going to now program pauses into my pulls. Makes sense, as I use it in my squats already. Time to jump on the gain train. Quick question, I’m currently squatting every day after listening to cory gregory squat everyday. So do you think I’ll need to train deadlifts on super light squat days?

  • Great article.
    I pull sumo and your ideas on pause work helped me immensely.
    Just pausing at the right points allowed me to dial in my form and i pulled a pr of 205kg (450lbs)! Thank you.

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