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How to Build a Strong Back w/ Bent Rows – TechniqueWOD

Doug Larson


  • I got so excited just listening to the intro because this is exactly what I needed to see! So thank you for this video and for all the other videos you guys post that make my training better and safer!

  • Really enjoyed the video.

    I have always seen either the bodybuilding style of row where the back is more upright and it a lot of momentum is used or the the super strict pendlay style with zero leg drive.

    I felt like you finally gave me the freedom to use some leg drive to emulate the deadlift.

    Thanks Chris, you da man!

  • Im a bigger athelete with 500+ back squats and dead lifts, ~300lb clean finally (5’9″, 225-230). I competed this past weekend and did well but died on the sprints with body weight movements such as pull ups and box jumps. I started training a few months ago on things like bent over rows for my cleans and snatch but what would you recommend for bodyweight movements…with the open quickly approaching I have got to be able to handle the volume seen durimg the workouts.

    • Yeah, you are on the heavier side for CF. You are very strong. Sounds like you’re a perfect lifter frame, actually. Travis Mash is about the size I think. Maybe heavier. So yes, you can improve, but at this point RELATIVE strength as to be your focus. Maintain strength, up WOD. Move more efficiently, not just with heavier loads. Move quickly. And most importantly tighten down the diet a bit to lean up. Dropping a few pounds of weight will make those wods much easier. WORK STRENGTH still, just give relative strength and gymnastics way more focus. You’ll do much better.

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