Barbell Shrugged

TechniqueWOD: Self-Care

Don’t skip the cool down

In modern fitness gyms the warm-up, strength work, and metcon get most of the attention. That makes sense. Strength and metcon performance are numbers driven. Either you are improving or you’re not. If you want to squat...

My 5 Key Habits

Christmas, you’re very well known, but I don’t think people appreciate how hard you’ve worked to get there. You’re a business owner, a coach, model, Crossfitter, Weightlifter, Nascar pit-crew member, you’ve tried...

Beating the bully inside your head

We all have come across bullies in our lifetimes.  I can remember those elementary school days. It never failed, there would always some boy or girl that bossed everybody around and made threats. Next comes the fear...

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