Barbell Shrugged

Coming full circle – Get Change

Doug Larson

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  • What’s the best advice you can give to 23 year old male that’s a freshmen in college ?

    • Don’t try to be anything at all. Just read often, get better and better at asking good questions, do what matters most, today. Most of my mistakes during this time had everything to do with me trying to force myself down some stupid path.

    • If you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, or where you’re going, that’s being 23 for you 🙂

      • I am also a 23 year old male, and i’m trying to figure life and what to do with it currently.. This was good advice, and helped give me a little bit of reassurance. It can be overwhelming spending so much time thinking about what path to choose. Just trying to focus on the here and now, and relax and see where things take me.

        • yep. you don’t have to make a choice. just get to work learning and helping people. between barbell shrugged and barbell business you have all you need to start, right here, for free.

  • Hey Chris,

    Hit the big 3-0 yrs old this year and working in a job I don’t love but had some success in but feeling unchallenged but a stuck, is that normal or is now the time for me to find a new challenge?

    I live in London, UK and I feel like I work for a place I’m never at for a holiday that goes too quick.

    Cheers mate,

    • You need to find something you are driven by. Something that IS challenging. Maybe it’s a side thing at the start, just for sanity and pleasure. But that could grow. In any case, if you know you could do better, and you don’t, you’re setting yourself up for some serious regrets later down the road.

  • Chris:

    Your story (and that of the other folks involved with Shrugged) is inspiring. I’ve always meddled in writing, but am trying to become more serious about it. I’ve got a fairly extensive personal story related to fitness/weight loss and am looking at creating a blog about it to eventually turn into a full-time endeavor. What advice would you give someone who is somewhat afraid to cut themselves open and bleed for public consumption? Thanks in advance, and keep on keepin’ on, brother!


  • Hi Chris,
    Thank you for your pod cast and what you are contributing. I have a question about rest days. I struggle with giving my self one. I work a job that I work two 24 hours shifts a week and love to CF and do sweaty hard yoga on all my days off. Sometimes I feel I am not finding the balance between work and recovery. Any direction you can point me would be greatly appreciated.

    • Thank you Katie 🙂

      I think you should make a simple template for yourself. Just thinking what I would do. This won’t be exact for you, but maybe it’ll help you come up with a plan.

      I would place a priority on sleep after the work days. Bottom line, if you don’t pay off the slept debt, your fitness and long-term mental/physical wellbeing with deteriorate. Make that priority #1 and you’ll amplify your results.

      Second priority would be lifting and fitness for me. I think training could work something like this…

      Sunday – Hot, sweaty yoga
      Monday – 24 hr shift.
      Tuesday – Rest, mobility, rejuvenation, light yoga.
      Wednesday – Lift weights.
      Thursday – 24 hr shift.
      Friday – Rest, mobility, rejuvenation, yoga.

      Just a quick idea. The days don’t matter. Just make sure you have some space between things, and don’t try to do everything heavy, hot and hard all the time. You NEED light days.

  • Always enjoy what you have to share. Had to do a double dip and listen to this one again to see what else I could get out of it.

    You said that there is no “right starting point” – you just have to start and keep it up. Don’t force what you want, work for what you want. And it really resonates with the idea you need to “… learn at least one thing DAILY + Look for ways to connect and share your experience with others…”

    This has helped me create a daily goal: make progress and learn something every day, no matter how big or small – and share that with others and make connections with them.

    Thank you again. Look forward to learning something new next post.

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