Barbell Shrugged

Do what you want – How to live the Barbell Life w/ Mike Bledsoe

Doug Larson

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  • It is amazing reading this. So many boundaries that I put in my path, based around fear, that stop me from taking risks. I admire what Mike did to find his path. You guys are all killin’ it right now.

  • That podcast was everything. Was all of it. I guess all I can say is that though I don’t know you guys personally, I feel like I share the same admiration as Travis. Mike and the whole team are incredible, and how you are effecting the world and individuals is incredible. Not only inspiring, but really empowering.

  • I haven’t heard the podcast yet, but will right after work.

    I really wanted to thank you for shaking my whole idea of moving into a trailer. When Mike said he was doing it, I was thinking that’s one of those crazy nomads that’ll never settle down. But you just opened my eyes to the idea that it could be an experiment. It really could teach you things and prepare you for settling down.

    That may not have been Mike’s plan and I may have my own twist on it. I just love the idea that living in a trailer could be the best prep for settling down! Ironic but I love it.

    Thanks for adjusting my thinking… again!

  • That was one of the most empowering podcasts that I have ever listened to.

    I feel appreciate being able to connect with amazing people such as yourselves on a daily basis from thousands of kilometers away. Thanks for sharing.

    Can’t wait to start school again!

  • As a 19 year old college student, I truly love all Barbell Shrugged has to offer. I constantly struggle with how I want to get where I want to be in life, and articles like this get me really stoked. Thanks dudes!

  • Chris –
    Your writing really jibes with me – it seems like you strike such a clear path from your mind to the page. Any tips on how you found your writing “voice”?

    • Thanks. I got the best tip from Hitchens. “Write as you speak.” I always pretend I’m talking to one person, someone close to me.

  • “If you’re in doubt, do without it for awhile. Drop all the anchors you can. The lighter you can make your life, the more likely you will be to capitalize on present opportunities.”


    Great read and great advice!

  • I need to book flights one day ( Australian ) so I can come out and hang out with the most inspiring knowledgable, intelligent, witty group of experts !!!! Love your podcasts, love your passion! Please never ever stop!

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