Barbell Shrugged

Drop Everything & Train

Doug Larson


  • Great article, people really do struggle with dropping everything. I know that as someone who gets up early to train it is difficult to drop my grogginess. However, I always have the best sessions when I get up ready to go. This seems silly, because I’m sure that other people have much more difficult things such as, stress, insecurity, and other things to overcome. We are all different though and this is why I like this philosophy, “dropping everything”, means something different for everyone.

    • I’d say, the wiser you get, the more you realize just how much “dropping” needs to be done. That’s probably the only mission at this point for all of us…Drop it and focus on what truly matters. Cheers, Justin.

  • Great article! I really needed this today. I’m a mom of 3 under 3 years old, and it is incredibly difficult to “drop everything” and do something for myself most days. After I finished this read, I went out and got a PR on my deadlift! Thanks guys, keep doing what you’re doing!

  • Are you going to put the d3&t shirt on Amazon? I have a gift card just waiting to be spent.
    Yes; I’m that cheap!
    Suggestion, though I know you want to get your word out, but
    what about putting d3&t on the front and back with zero indication of what it means or where it came from?
    I’d buy a couple of those!

    • The point is that powerful things can go immediately unsaid. The effect is unchanged. As the meaning is discovered, the effect only grows. Also, it’s defined on the back.

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