Barbell Shrugged

Get to know your drugs! A guide to bouncing back from injury

Doug Larson

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  • As a nurse i truly appreciate this barbell daily. I get asked questions all the time about injuries while i am a labor and delivery nurse, and i always tell people “consult your physician”. They know your history and will be able to help much better than i can. Thanks for this post!

  • I never roll my joints, someone always does it for me 😉

    Okay now seriously…
    [[[Don’t post your injury questions on Facebook. Don’t Google it. No matter what, don’t follow someone else’s treatment plan blindly. Instead, find a trained healthcare provider and ask them what they think. ]]]

    Listen to Shrugged all the time and have heard it a few times on how many health care professionals do not have a clue.

    Didnt your doctors tell you guys to not weight lift anymore and stick to light jogging after you guys hurt yourselves in training?

    • The idea is that if you have someone in your gym who trains AND get’s medicine, then they can help you out cool ways. They aren’t your average HCP.

  • As a pharmacy student, I really appreciate you guys posting such an informative yet simple article about what to do about short-term treatment for pain for an injury. I answer these types of questions every day at the pharmacy and you guys hit it right on the head. I would just like to add that if you have elevated blood pressure or a bleeding disorder, NSAIDs like ibuprofen and naproxen should be taken with caution because of their ability to raise blood pressure and inhibit platelet aggregation.

  • Good straight to the point article guys…Just some interesting areas of research to check out.

    Some research on the enzyme limited by ibuprofen and other NSAIDS, “Cyclooxygenase” (COX pathways) shows it is involved in the regulation of muscle protein turnover and muscle mass in humans. Supporting that it may be detrimental to hypertrophy if consumed for too long.

    Also, 800mg Ibuprofen dosage may give the optimal anti inflammatory response. (less than two weeks recommended)

  • Would LOVE to see a follow up on guides/suggestions on strategies for easing back into a program after injury? And/or recommendations for exercises or technique work that a beginning lifter could do while recovering from a lower body joint injury.

    Thanks for the incredible offerings..

  • Another pahrmacy student here. I thought this was a great article and really appreciated how it was written. Very easy for those not in the pharmacy field to understand and get all the intended information out of it.

  • In regards to you comment about increasing endurance and stimulating more protein synthesis after exercising with the use of NASIDs….I feel like I have also heard somewhat of the opposite as well. I did not get the chance to look up the research article you cited, but I find it very interesting. In fact I might even try it. I’m more interested in seeing if NSAIDs the next day (while you are undergoing DOMS) will reduce protein synthesis. I want to say I have heard that before. Any thoughts?

    • To be honest, I really don’t know. I was interested too by the articles I found but I’m not sure how much data is out there to really prove it one way or the other. This week’s podcast with Andy has some good info about muscle soreness and muscle growth but I don’t know much if any change would happen by throwing an NSAID in the mix. I would imagine it would also be dose and time dependent as well: how much you took for how often for how many days.

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