Barbell Shrugged

The Bro Sesh – Episode 202

Doug Larson

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  • YES!!! Finally! I have been looking for a body building type program to add onto my normal crossfit sessions and I’m glad you guys hit on the benefits of isolated movements! If you know where I could find some more info on lifts & rep schemes/bodybuilding programs etc. for girls/fat-loss that would be awesome.
    Thank for the great podcast!

  • Great episode guys!!! I’ve always done “bodybuilding” style workouts, and have recently decided to take more of a powerlifting approach, and just try to get as strong as possible. Thank you for letting me know that the occasional bro sesh is totally acceptable!
    Also, “peeing with a boner” is probably the best coaching cue of all time! LOL!

  • Pumping Iron is a classic, couldn’t agree more. Love how you guys are standing around and not sitting like the typical podcast. To many bro’s in the gym need to watch this before they hurt themselves with the ridiculous weight they can’t do. Looking forward to future videos!

  • You asked what girls call a “bro sesh” and where I train in Ozark, MO we call that “globo” in reference to the shit people people do at a globo gym. So you ask your girls if they wanna do some globo after the metcon. Or the ever popular “clam bake”.

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