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Thomas Cox Episode 214 | Barbell Shrugged

How to Get Someone to Eat Healthy with Thomas Cox – Episode 214

Doug Larson

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  • “Your BODY is your BILLBOARD”
    AWESOME PODCAST with MEALFIT! Thomas Cox is a humble, healthy, lead-by-example believer and leader in the world of health and wellness. His statement (amongst many) that you should always experiment on yourself 1st prior to advising, guiding, and coaching anyone is right on target (Bullseye) 1st we must help ourselves before we can help ourselves. Practice what we preach by leading by example with our actions, not just our words. Activity with purpose elicits results. Results = Health + Wealth + Happiness

  • *Correction: “1st we must help ourselves before we can help anyone else.”
    Keep dropping knowledge bombs dudes!

  • I really value the step-by-step, little-by-little approach offered by Thomas to help people progressively eat healthier. I am a nutrition coach, and it’s really disconcerting to have a client who is trying to change their eating lives, but then tells me about certain foods in the house (that shouldn’t be in the house) because it’s “for the kids.” WHAAA? OMG, why are you NOT changing your kids’ diet along with your own diet? Do you want them to have to hire a nutrition coach when they’re your age??
    Also, getting my clients to meal prep and involving their kids in washing veggies, etc. is leading by example and TEACHES their own kids how to be ADULTS who KNOW HOW TO FEED THEMSELVES…not to mention the several hundred extra calories that get spent via shopping, prepping, and cooking your own meals helping to increase weekly calorie burn.
    It’s a very scary thing to think about the number of people who literally do not choose to feed themselves…giving up their lives to others….
    Keep up the good fight Thomas, MealFit, and “BB shruggers”!

  • So where’s the recipe for the Jasmine Rice that so good “you’ll want to throw your gramma in a ditch.”??????

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