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The Future Of Fitness With Mike, Doug, & Crew – Episode 236

Doug Larson

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  • This is the best thing that has happened today. Don’t want to say that those dudes didn’t try, but their interviewing skills and ability to stay on track were not up to par with the original show.

  • Bummed. Hope CTP, Alex, Mike & Kurt spin off and do their own thing. Maybe not as refined, but so much more relatable.

  • I’ll miss CTP, Mike, Alex and Kurt. After finding BBS they are why keep watching and following the web site. If you don’t bring them back I hope they start their own site.

  • Dudes,
    Loved the new episode. Andy and Kenny – welcome to the show! It will be awesome to hear more of your perspectives! CTP, Mike^2, Kurt, and Alex last year was killer. Thank you all
    I loved the idea of coaching filling an unmet need in our society. I think that would be a tremendous benefit. To me it ties back well to traditional martial arts training. While based on movements and training, the mental discipline and health practices associated were taught as well.
    Lastly – after nearly 3 years of listening to the show, wanted to say thanks for continuing to drop some serious knowledge, start lots of fights between me and my training buddies, and help me to up my programming game.
    I freakin’ love Tuesdays.

  • Awesome episode gents! Glad to see Mike & Doug & of course, Andy & Kenny sharing perspectives opening new windows for listeners/viewers to be empowered with enlightening information and how to apply it!
    Doug: you brought up the topic of healthcare and what is going to compell society to value and invest in preventative based medicine. You asked, “do you think its an education (awareness) issue of society…” A society who associates & places their personal “health & wellbeing” in the hands of their family doctor…doctors (healthcare industry) has practiced & promoted reactive based medicine for years…really since modern medicine was invented…This is the #1 contributing factor (issue) to our currently unhealthy society of epic proportions. In combination with the astronimcal rise in the use of technology in the workforce (automation) cultivating sedintary lifestyles (unhealthy lifestyle habits). Moreover, the massive increase in agricultural produciton of highly-processed GMO foods being produced, promoted, marketed, & sold to society for profit. All of the above have created a perfect storm for chronic lifestyle related preventable diseases to reach epedimics proportions. So to answer your question: Education isn’t necessarily the #1 influential factor (Golden Nugget) in transitioning a unhealthy, inactive, sedintary, disease ridden, sick society from valuing & investing in reactive based medicine (traditional medical practitioners-system-healthcare insurance) to *Preventative Based Medicine. It’s our U.S. Government valuing & investing in *Preventative Based Medicine for its Citizens. Instead of profiting off of a sick society inevitably caused by the Government who governs our society. From Healthcare to Big Pharma to the FDA I could write a novel on the role these critical components of our society has played in the current disease epidemics we are being killed by in massive #’s each second, each minute, each hour, each day, each week, each month, each year…
    Kenny: you mentioned the conversation you & Andy recently had highlighting the drastic increase to roughly 70% in government (healthcare focused) funding that will be going towards *Preventable Based Medicine. ***FYI: This is your answer Doug and to all the listners & viewers of the show.
    “Exercise is a prescription for everything.” “If exercise could be infused into a pill to be regulated by the FDA, manufactured, marketed, & sold to consumers by BIG PHARMA, promoted & campaigned for by our profiteering politicians, we would all live healthier lives.” –Chris Williams
    In Best Health,
    Chris Williams

  • Yaaaaaay! I’m so glad you all are back and I’m SOOO stoked we get Andy all the time now!! I’ve listed for 2.5 years and have learned so much that when you made the announcement you were leaving (a year ago already????) I was worried it would tank. Much to the credit of CTP, Alex and the Mikes – I ended up enjoying the show but most def missed all the “deep knowledge” you all bring… Can’t wait to see what 2017 has in store for us “Shruggers” – welcome home guys!!!

  • I can’t wait to watch this tomorrow. I’m thinking about putting our entire gym on Flight. I followed it for 16 weeks when it launched last year. I saw improvement in mobility and strength would love to follow it with our Barbell Club

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