Barbell Shrugged

The Power of Breath and Temperature W/ Brian Mackenzie – Episode 239

Doug Larson


  • Hey guys love the episode but I’m on the move today and was hoping you could help me form some bullet points on your topics. Mainly I’m looking for recommendations on: How to use the cold before bed and training and what it’s doing, how and when to use the the breathing techniques. Thanks again and I’m glad to see the OG’s back on the show

    • I put the shower all the way cold and just do 5 min. 10 minutes if I’m feeling like a badass.

      Pre-training I like to do a Wim-Hof style and post training a box breathing style with an extended exhale that is 2x or more my inhale.

      • I got a bit confused to after 40 minute mark in show…. if i can recap, please correct where i am wrong:
        – pre wod: do diaphragm breathing which is down regulating and preparing lungs for full breaths needed in workout, followed by up-regulating wim-hof breathing to prepare your mind and body for action?
        -pre bed: wim hof cold methods then wim-hof breathing to prepare you to listen to tired body and begin down regulating?

  • Hypertrophy is not just about vanity. All other things equal, a bigger muscle is a stronger muscle, and stronger muscles are better. Still may want to avoid the cold bath in some circumstances……..

  • Thank you for covering this topic. I only came to understand the power of breath after learning how to free dive and started noticing that my WOD’s and lifting were getting better not because I was rocking it in the gym, but simple because I was taking ten minutes out of my day to just sit and breathe. So bravo to you guys for covering this. I only wish more westerners understood the power of breath through the simple act of being present.

  • Love the show guys! Loving the bee aspects that aren’t just training related but also pre and post workout related and overall betterment of health.

    Is there a way to get links or direction on good literature to read on regulating and deregulating of the body for adrenal health? I know I can type that into google but want to see if your minds have anything specific.

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