Barbell Shrugged

Drop Everything and Train – Episode 200

Doug Larson

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  • “Strength follows action, and nothing else” Nice! You can write, son! That line will be rattling around in my head today. I’m inspired!

  • An intro of the guys on the podcast would have been good. I didn’t know about the change until I started hearing different dudes and had no idea who they were. Also watch out for the “likes” and “you knows”. Other than that good luck fellas, still the best podcast around.

    • We just did a whole series of posts introducing them. Also, for a first go together, they did tremendously well. I was very proud.

  • Always dug the D3&T concept, and glad to see you guys encouraging others to take that same mindset. I definitely agree with a lot of points on the show, especially 1) Not skipping days because you don’t have ‘enough’ time or just don’t ‘feel like’ going. I know I’ve never ended a training sessions with the thought ‘I shouldn’t have done that,’ there is always a positive outcome. And 2) Knowing where you are today, not you from last year or you at your best. As a competitive athlete I’ve struggled with living up to expectations, worrying about others, and having the “have to” attitude like a lot of you, and I’ve made that crossover to focusing on myself and I’ve never been happier about training. If you’re in it for the long run it HAS to be fun!
    Thanks for what you do. Excited BBS is back!

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Christy! Glad you enjoyed the show and I hope you get the same out of the many more to come. Best of luck with your training!

  • Loved it!
    Needed this, I’m coaching and working out by myself with free time and it SUCKS. I easily get distracted, trying to re-group!
    Thanks fellas

  • Motivation!! Its good to see the podcast back up! Like minded people aren’t everywhere. Barbellshrugged is an incredible resource and all of my big lifts have improved steadily since I found you guys last summer!

  • Super stoked the show is back, and even more pumped for all the content that Over Time is going to offer. The boys are back and bigger than ever!!

  • Favorite part in this episode was definitely when your head didn’t fit into the space helmet Chris 😛 Can’t wait to get to know these guys and see the new series as well. Thank god the podcast is back!

    • Ha! 🙂
      Thank you, Crystal. And thanks for getting the vision.
      This show will deliver amazing, applicable, entertaining training info every single week. And we’re all going to be on that show, BTW. It’s just that it really is time for these minds to shine. Alex, McG, McE and Kurt are very talented, and the worlds going to take notice of that sooner than later. It’s just going to take a few weeks for folks to open up to them, but then it’ll be evident.
      On our side, Charlotte and I have put all we’ve got into Full Depth. If you’ve seen the Eleiko show, and some of the documentary style stuff we’ve done before you’ll know the direction. We’re going there, but deeper into stories and ideas. We’re pushing our skills and abilities as far as we can. In short, this is going to be something fit for your Netflix stream. I hope you dig it.
      Cheers, 🙂

  • I work for NASA here in Houston, so it’s cool to see that you guys got to experience some of the cool things out here. Great episode!

    • Tim, we have the NASA shows 99% ready. After watching them, we are SUPER pleased. You could take it right now and stream through Netflix to VERY happy customers. This should bring a real positive effect to NASA. We can’t wait.

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