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Episode 203 | Barbell Shrugged

Nutrition for Aesthetics vs. Performance vs. Health – Episode 203

Doug Larson

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  • Have you guys seen Cory Gregory’s Anabolic Fasting program? I know he’s been on BS twice. Pretty great program.

  • Just wanted to say that these new guys you have doing the podcast are doing a really fantastic job. I’m really enjoying listening to them.

  • Love the new faces, thanks for the fresh look at things guys. Good to see reinforcement of asking “why” you want some food dependent goal.

  • Hi guys. I feel there was more content and insight in previous shows. I dont think anything was said that most people training for a few years didnt know already. i used to love watching the show as it would always leave me thinking about an aspect of my training in a different way. I havnt had that feeling in the last few episodes.
    just my opinion though. thanks guys.

  • What nutrition advice do you guys have for chronically skinny guys that have a hard time keeping weight/ muscle on? I usualy hit three 10-20 minute metcons a week and get in three strength workouts a week. Yeah the metcons probably aren’t great for trying to grow mass but, I love that stuff. I’m 5’9 140-145. Just as there are many things that might not be realistic for someone trying to lose weight, eating to the point of uncomfortably full thoughout the day isn’t realistic for me either. Just wondering about others experience with this. Everyone talks about losing weight, but never about the skinny guy. Opinions? Links?

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