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Episode 206 | Barbell Shrugged

Stop Obsessing, Start Enjoying: How to Be at Peace with Your Training – 206

Doug Larson

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  • Great episode! Thanks. Especially enjoyed hearing your about faith motivation and strong belief. Good job.

  • This was a great video until people had to start talking about Jesus Christ. I will never understand you religious fanatics from the south. I think the message is a good one and I love the show but just as there is a separation of church and state… I think there should be an equal separation in podcasts about fitness.

    • I disagree with you Benjamin. Listeners enjoy hearing about personal beliefs and experiences that drive athletes to perform their best and achieve goals. Strong motivators develop a new level of importance for actions and make training more meaningful.
      Keep up the great work Barbell Shrugged Crew!

      • Good Point Paul. I guess it is just hard for me to understand, but if it helps other people then go for it! Whatever works.

  • Training takes a backseat to God, family, country. Not even close, actually. I would risk my life for either of the big 3, not training. The good news, is that life is not either/or very often. My family know that I love to train, but they know that I love them more, so training helps family life by releiving stress and keeping me healthy. Getting obsessed about training would create more conflicts. That is the day that I will back off or shut it down.

  • Maybe a bit of a different angle on this (but in similar spirit), this reminds me of a lesson from my high school basketball coaches: When you stop having fun, you stop playing well. I think there’s something there that’s transferable to other areas of life too.
    I also appreciate the thoughts about doing things for Christ. All things. (And why not say it? After all, if you’re going to explain what helps your perspective, there’s not much option but to actually say what helps your perspective.)

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