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Shrugged Strength Test 209 | Barbell Shrugged

Our Test for Strength: The Shrugged Strength Test – Episode 209

Doug Larson

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  • Great episode – thank you!
    Lot’s of work to do….
    Can you please tell me what the strength standard was for the front squat (I didn’t hear it mentioned)?
    thank you

  • 1.5 x bodyweight for men
    1.25 x bodyweight for women
    Yeah we didn’t mention it in the show as it was still being decided. Sorry about that.
    I hope you enjoy the test!

    • No where written out quite yet. We just analyzed all the results from those who have completed the test and are going to create and info graphic to share soon.
      When you do the test and enter your results, you get a long form with a ton of info about each lift based on certain weight classes.
      Hope that helps.

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