Barbell Shrugged

How to go Heavy

Doug Larson

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  • Damn, I read this, and I KNOW it’s right, and I KNOW it’s great advice, Now I just have to commit to doing it. Either I get myself too busy (or find a way to be too busy) to do it consistently, and/or I push too heavy too soon for the sake of what I like to call “Microwave Progress” – It’s quicker, but never as good, and in the end, becomes worse than when you started if you keep doing it.

  • Damn Chris, dropping some knowledge bombs. Gonna implement breathing paused squats to try and get that bar off the floor more explosively. Thanks man, loving barbell daily

  • Chris, love seeing you write more – your writing is cerebral, approachable, and digestable. Keep it up!

    One thought: Depending upon reader interest, there might be demand for one-off virtual technique coaching via YouTube videos. It’s easy for us to videotape ourselves, and often, I think we can spot the errors, but the challenging part is often knowing: A) The cause of those errors, and B) How to fix them. But then we show them to our buddies at the gym or friends and get…lots of conflicting advice. I’m sure some of us out there would rather have you guys weigh-in, even with just a few comments, than the legion of YouTube trolls. Just a thought.

  • Rupert sheldrake, seems like I hear that name resonate more frequently. I’ve heard him speak and it blows my mind in a sensible way. I don’t know why it would make sense but I would still love to hear an interview with him and the shrug crew.

  • Good article, I agree with Louie Simmons about getting into shape first before you start heavy lifting. Most guys in the gym focus to much on impressing the others by lifting heavy but there again all you see is bad techniques that can really end up hurting them. I believe in long term progress and developing your techniques along with your strength. Sometimes you have to take a step backwards to take two steps forward. The advice that I give to all my friends is to focus on themselves and swallow their egos. At the end we will all be lifting some serious weights.

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