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How To Activate Your Glutes (Your Butt Muscles!) – TechniqueWOD

Doug Larson


  • I know that increased glute strength can help with alot of issues, in my specific question area, the squat. If my knees lean a little forward but not a lot of problems turning in, can this this be corrected with gear i.e. weightlifting shoes? Just to be able to sit back a lot more and take some weight off the knee?

    • Your knee can come forward, it’s ok. You just don’t want this to be excessive, especially if you’re heels are popping up at the bottom of your squat. If that’s the case, wear the WL shoes. If that’s not an issue, you can wear whatever lifting shoe style you want, flat or heel. It’s your preference.

  • If when I do glute bridges my glutes activate but my hammies do too, is that a bad thing? Am I patterning improper activation because the hammies are involved? Or is that okay?

    I am making strides in my glute activation but do not want to get it wrong and have to start over again.



  • Through all of these glute activators and exercises, I’m finding my hip flexors tightening up on me. Is this normal, or are my flexors getting in the way of my glute performance? I’ve also noticed that when we have a squat heavy program at Crossfit, my hip flexors tend to tighten up and get sore. Could weak glutes be the problem?

    • No, you should not have those issues. They might be overworked, or in need of way more TLC with mobility and recovery.

  • When I do glute bridges or heavy squats I primarily feel it in my adductors…normal? Or are the glutes not firing?

  • How would you compare the stiff leg banded pull to an RDL in regards to the hip extensors? Why might the single leg banded deadliest not be applicable to full hip extension?

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