Barbell Shrugged

How you feel in the gym is a lie!

Doug Larson

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  • “There is no escape, unless you can figure out a way to squat 500 pounds. How hard do you think you would train?” Right. Do it like your life depended on it, like are threatening you if you don’t.

    I just found your site. This was a great introductory article to read. I’ll be back for more… hope to see you here.

  • Would you guys recommend that I incorporate this daily squat training on top of your 6 Month Muscle Gain Challenge that I am currently following? Or do you think this would be too much? I’m really weak in the squat and need to drive it up. Thanks!

  • It is certainly true that one can get very strong by domesticating your body to heavy weights. But, I’m afraid that the message is been transmitted without fine print. Should one attempt this if one is sick, hurt, has mobility inefficiencies, etc. I think that the statistic for sleep deprivation in the US is 20%. I’m a forty year old sleep deprived lifter (I have young kids), and I admit that this mentally repulsive regimen works. I have trained like this for over 5 months, and not many people in my gym could compete with me in my weight class. But, I see so many guys half my age injuring themselves in my gym (typical- commercial) and they claim from squats. Just would like to tell people to try this, and try it quick, but, but get advice before you do so because when you are lowering and lifting 90% of a max weight it’s casually dangerous!

    • it seems obvious that before lowering 90 % or 60 % or even 30 % of your max you should have a complete awarness of your body and most of all a good technique !!!
      So, if your technique is bad, air squat everyday, then squat with an empty barbell and then add weights….
      technique and strength are both skills that you have to mastered.

      And training everyday will bring your faster to your goal, but first step first !

  • Finally, some one who understands my mentality. Everyone I have met thinks I am insane. When I golf, if I don’t shoot under par, I am pissed. Even though my friends shoot around 100. Its about personal growth and setting your sites on a goal. At 235 lbs, people didn’t think it was possible to swim 2 miles efficiently. I smoke triathletes in the pool 60 pounds less than me. Gotta get in and do work!

  • Am I the only one who wants to find out what the snatch exercise that is useless is? I need to make sure I’m not doing it!

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