Barbell Shrugged

How to Increase Physical Activity, Nutrition and Overall Wellness w/ Spartan Race Founder Joe De Sena – EPISODE 153

Doug Larson

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  • Joe, bit of an elitist eh? 25-30 minutes in. Thinking that the common man is too ignorant to choose their own way. “Government ought to mandate…” Wow. I’ve heard about people like that but never actually heard them say the words themselves.

  • Nice work by Mike explaining some basic economics to Joe, and an even better job explaining the necessity of allowing individuals to make their own choices. Always loved the nuggets and pearls from the podcast, but I really liked hearing Mike give some defense of actual liberty.

  • Looks like some people beat me to the punch but the number for the cruise is 1063!
    Also I gotta get one of those #spartanhoodie

  • While I think we can all agree that soda is terrible for our bodies, I think Mike & the team need to get their facts straight.
    -Yes subsidizing corn is horrible and leads to artificially low prices of added sugars
    -No, it wouldn’t make a difference if the added sweetener came from unsubsidized cane sugar, and here is why:

    In recent years, Mexico (where coca cola and most beverages are produced with CANE SUGAR) was ranked first among countries with obesity problems and type two diabetes. It comes as no surprise that Coca Cola, a staple in the many citizens’ diets, also boasts its highest sales in this country. With soda being more readably available than clean drinking water in many areas, leaders in this country took a chance on a highly controversial sugary drink tax that has already proven worthy in its early months.

    The National Agency for Public Health in Mexico reported that in the first quarter of the new policy
    * Sugary drink purchases dropped by 10%.
    * Non-sugary drink beverages rose 7%
    * Water purchases rose 13%

    While I don’t think the government is almighty and should “mandate” what you can and cannot eat or drink, I do think a sugary drink tax (which wouldn’t restrict anyone from buying their tasty poisonous colas) would be a step in the right direction, and as important figures in the Crossfit community I think you should empower your listeners to support laws like these because inaction, is worse than any opposition. And while I don’t think a tax on sugary beverages will solely diminish this multifaceted problem, I do believe change is incremental and it has to start somewhere. Take for example the case against the tobacco industry: inform the consumers of the possible side effects of this deadly product, label the packages, tax for externalities, and with this revenue fund anti-smoking campaigns. Doing this with sweetened beverages could fund educational campaigns, or heck, subsidize those yummy vegetables or that grass fed ribeye steak you love so much.

    I’ll end with this, I think we all want to see big corporation move away from the processed piece of shit products they produce and move toward healthier alternatives, and as the law of supply and demand shows, the market will produce what the consumers ask for, and if less people buy their shit, they’ll eventually be forced to start advertising water the way they do pepsi and coke . So let’s to not make it easier for them to hook kids on their terrible beverages, and cost us billions in healthcare bills.

    PS: This is NOT an issue of civil liberties. Plus y’all don’t drink soda anyway, right? 😉

  • Awesome episode love the no BS from joe and all of the great ideas and thoughts you guys have!

  • Interesting comments by everyone! Thanks for bringing Joe back on! Next time get Zach in the mix too! #undergroundstrength #spartanshruggedcruise #spartanhoodie 1063 as others have pointed out!

  • Love the show, weekly listener. #spartanhoodie for Christmas
    #Spartanshruggedcruise 1063
    Can’t wait for next weeks!!!

  • Getting more and more into Barbell Shrugged and am a Spartan racer. Usually download the podcasts and listen to them in the car when I travel. Great info and a lot of laughs. Thanks guys, keep up the great work. Thanks Joe for the generousity. Aroo Aroo Aroo!!!

    #spartanshruggedcruise 1063 and #spartanhoodie

  • Love the show! Listen every week and its the only podcast I listen to. You guys are great and it really has helped my crossfit/olympic lifting journey.


    #SpartanshruggedCruise #1063

  • A nice #spartanhoodie sure would be nice this time of year for my winter runs! Get that Arkansas Sprint race date set!!!

  • #SPARTANHOODIE #spartanshruggedcruise

    P.S You were spot on about the corn subsidy and soda issue! Why expect the government to solve a problem that they caused in the first place? @stef you ignored the part where the government is subsidizing corn and jumped right to the tax option. You can ask for more taxes if you want to but would you feel the same way if they decided to tax something that you liked but that may be dangerous for you? IMO lets cut off that subsidy and let farmers find more grassroots approaches to feed their communities.
    P.P.S I would hate to see the NYPD choke a guy to death for selling untaxed soda.

  • The answer for the #spartanshrugcruise or #spartanshruggedcruise is 1068 total steps plus the black cat in ep. 68 with Louie Simmons from westside barbell. There are no notes for what # you used so not sure if you are still taking answers or not.

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