Barbell Shrugged

Master the Kettlebell Snatch

Doug Larson

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  • So cool, I just finished the RKC this weekend and this article just adds sugar on top! The little points of performance you highlighted are the little bits I have been trying to figure out since the course and they certainly help! Thanks a ton!

  • Could you elaborate a little bit more on bullet #2 under “errors”? How do you position the resistance band to help feel that connection? I’m training some kbell newbies who are having a little trouble with that aspect — they really want to arm the bell up, and I want to get them to the point where they understand that it’s a whole-body situation. Thanks!

    • Hey Jenny!
      Glad you liked the article.

      For the resistance band drill, wrap the resistance band around the elbow of the swinging arm of your training partner. The other arm should be free and allowed to move. For the person holding the band around their training partner, stand off at a 45 degree angle behind them on the same side as the swinging arm.

      To ensure they are deflecting back at the top, you can also have them do this drill while standing at arm’s length away from a wall, heavy bag etc.

      This drill is great for getting someone to understand and feel the importance of “connectivity” between the arm and hips/torso.

      Hope this helps.


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