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    • Hey Mike,
      First off, love the podcast, I’m 23 years old, played baseball from age 0-18, then decided to pick up gymnastics for the 4 years I was in college (why? Cuz it’s fun to learn new shit) was doing gymnastics and weightlifting all the way through school and found a passion for it all (anyways Idk why I gave you the life’s story, I guess so you get the type of guy asking this question) been listening to the podcast every day on my way to and from work for the past 6 months and so I’ve been bouncing around all the different episodes and each one is MONEY…
      Anyways the question I was wondering: Is there a certain episode that you recommend that speaks to all the different protien supp. Types (pea, hemp, whey, etc.) and the different effects they have on digestive system/ stomach and satiation? I ask because I believe you all do a great job of laying out the facts and finding experts that know all about these things, so this is me trying to selfishly leverage my time, to avoid doing ALL the research myself (though I’ve tried doing some and it’s a bit confusing to sift it all). Since you guys do a great job of presenting the info in a fun, more easily digestible fashion I wanted to ask.
      If there’s not an episode it might be something people could be interested in… idk you guys are doing great now so you probably have a handle on it haha.
      Thanks again for all that the BS team does and all the quality episodes/people/topics that continuously come out!

    • I understand the sentiment for sure on getting the cleanest ingredients possible, but I should do some individual on why you consider each of these brands the cleanest and then look at the next level down to see the cost difference.

    • You can’t really replicate. You can find what works for you though. That’s the intent of this blog entry. Inspire you to find your own way. Find what works for you by experimenting.
      I like to start with 1 or 2 ingredients in addition to berries and kale and go from there. If something you try feels better do it. If something works better do that.
      I didn’t always use high quality ingredients in what I was doing. I used cheaper proteins, etc. and now that I’m not I feel way better and my body responds better. I’m also not doing anything that causes a question in the back of my mind that I’m sacrificing the longevity of my body in the process of trying to get stronger.
      My health is more important to me than my squat so now I’ll let that go down just a bit so I can feel amazing throughout the day.
      Where you spend your money is a matter of priority. One of the big motivators for me wanting to make more money is so that I can take better care of myself. I’m always looking for how I can do that along with playing more as well. Always looking through my life through the lens of maximizing health.
      If your first concern is money then you value something else more… and that’s ok. Maybe the best thing for your health is to not spend a lot of money on your breakfast. Maybe it’s something else. I would at least challenge you to consider what your priorities are. If this doesn’t make it that’s cool. I just want to share what’s working for me. That’s my job. I’m here to help other be healthy. Watching other people’s pocketbooks is not really high on my priority list.

      • I whole heartedly agree! Thanks for sharin and for your honesty. That is a truly refreshing perspective. I’ve been trying some things myself, and I’m really interested in going to the next paleo fx!

      • I appreciate that reply! It’s well thought out and not harsh for folks who are not able to spend that much. Well done.

    • Not true. I once had a smoothie that cost $28 in Malibu. Had some of the same ingredients here, plus a lot of others. I’m sure mine is only going to get better. Quality is the key.

  • Always cool to learn about new ingredients and different products! About how many servings are in a bag of metamorphosis? Thanks!

    • I go through about 1 a month. The suggested serving isn’t exact so I do a heaping tbsp. A bag lasts about a month. I order 2 at a time and when I get down to 1 I order another couple.

  • Looking forward to trying this out. Do you know of another protein that is loaded up and clean. But without hemp. I’m in the military and we can’t do hemp protein.

    • Pea protein is the best in my opinion and with hemp, if you over consume, which is really easy to do to the tune of just a teaspoon, you can really set yourself up for some gastrointestinal discomfort, which isn’t even cool, especially if you’re expected to be in uniform by 07:30 and on the parade deck!
      To counter the rumbles in the tummy, may I suggest cranberry juice, a cup, not the sweet stuff, but the pure cranberry juice such as the bottled product sold at Trader Joe’s.
      I usually put nonfat plain yogurt and cranberry juice and a banana as my base for my smoothie. From there, I prefer kale and a fruit such as an apple or a peach or a pear. If I’m feeling like I need protein, I usually will add peanut butter–I buy from Whole Foods since they have the machine that crushes the peanuts, so no added oil, sugar etc.–and at times I’ll add an avocado and as a phytonutrient, considered by me, I’ll add a crushed spirulina pill and seaweed powder/sprinkles (found in Japanese stores such as ‘Mitsuya’).
      You do not have to spend booku bucks on some items as touted by the industry and you can trust the produce at your local supermarket or farmers markets, just be cautious on how much you’re taking in as nonorganic to organic in regards to being cautious on the amount of pesticides you plan to store in your body.
      Enjoy and strive for balance.

  • So what about the taste? I would love to be able to try it before going and buying multiple very expensive ingredients. I understand taste is not what you are after with this shake but just curious. Thanks!

    • Tastes great to me. But I came from a time when everything tasted like shit so just about everything is good.
      I give this to all my friends that come over and everyone seems to really enjoy it. If it’s a full moon they also turn into werewolves.

    • Not sure what you’re asking? Macro-nutrients? Micronutrients?
      I haven’t done Macros since high school. I eat the highest quality foods and the rest shakes out. If I’m getting too small I bump my carbs. If I’m getting too fat I cut them.

  • Is there ever a point where there’s too much in your shake that all of the different ingredients become less absorbed?

    • I’m sure there is a point of diminishing returns but I’m not there. You should be able to eat a meal and not feel bloated. That’s how you know it’s too much. Your body will speak if you will listen.

  • I picked up the Elemental Wizdom stuff and added the Vital Proteins supplements into my morning drizzank.. Only been taking a few days now and I absolutely feel the difference…

  • Hi Mike
    sorry to come in late after the conversation. Could you tell please for a newbie not doing a lot of training but struggling mentally with the load, what is the best type of creatine to get, there seems to be multiple types available and never sure what it all means.
    Will it help with mental loads or is it just for exercise.
    If you add in some good exercise sessions, does it help with weight loss (tied in with good diet of course)

    • Regular creatine monohyrdrate is fine. NOW brand is the most basic and that’s what I use.
      If you’re having trouble with “mental load” meditation is probably going to give you the most bang for your buck. Checkout the Headspace app.

  • Hey Mike!
    I watched this video, and read the comments, and then made my boyfriend do the same….lol I don’t know it was like something clicked. I’ve been counting macros for a long time, and I know I’ve been getting some of the micronurtrients needed, but not near enough. I can feel it. I’ve known something was missing for a while now, I just wasn’t exactly sure what. This helped alot. Your idea of getting it all first thing is genious. I did the math, looked it all up, and read a great deal about each product. My health is a priority and I feel it is worth investing in as what I have been doing is not enough. My questions is (are you glad I finally got to the point? haha) how often do you find your self purchasing all of this? I just want to be prepaired.

  • Thanks Mike. Just ordered everything to start making your smoothies. Any suggestions for a good resource as to give me direction on the rest of my diet? Appreciate the info.

  • Mike – always hooking the readers and followers up- people should be grateful for these great FREE shares. Anyway, thanks for the 10% off to Rootz. With two tubs you get free shipping plus $10 off. Huge win and again great share – both the article and the discount code. Appreciate it fam.

  • So Mike…wondering…
    Is this still in your routine? I was just looking to create a shake and I figure, why reinvent the wheel? Is this something that is still with you a few years later? If not, what does it look like now?
    Thanks, man.

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