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Save 50% OFF 12 Month Access to The Program Vault, our most comprehensive programming resource!

Over 50% OFF 12 Month Access to the Program Vault!

Long-term and short-term programs for tangible results.

One-time offer to get 12 month access to our most comprehensive programming resource for half the price!

Here’s what you get:

Long-Term Programs (12+ Months)
1. Flight – Technique and progression for olympic weightlifting
2. Muscle Gain Challenge – Train, eat, and recover for adding mass and strength
3. Shrugged Strength Challenge – You’ll add lots of pounds to the bar… Lots
4. Barbell Shredded – Lose fat and look like you lift. Recipes and meal plans included

Short-Term Programs (3 Months)
1. Boulders for Shoulders – Healthy mobile shoulder for big weight
2. Aerobic Monster – Conditioning for better pacing, breathing, and recovery
3. Squat the House – 3 months of progressive loading & altered stances for a strong squat
4. Anaerobic Assault – All-out lactic threshold training intensity
5. Your First Pull-up – 12 weeks to build capacity for your first pull-ups
6. Strongman Accessory Program – Change it up and get strong AF
7. ​​​​​​​Open Prep – Maintain strength while peaking in anaerobic and aerobic performance
8. ​​​​​​​Barbell Beginner to Meet – Detailed prep for those new to olympic weightlifting competitions

Free Bonus Gifts
1. Nutrition For Weightlifters – Eating for performance even while moving weight classes
2. Maximum Mobility – Avoid injury and build strength in more positions
3. Faction Foods Nutrition Course – Eat like an athlete to perform at your best
4. Flight School – Foundational cues and drills for olympic weightlifting

More Help For Your Success
1. PDF Log Sheets to track your training
2. Video and written exercise demos
3. Video guides and instruction explaining the “why” every step of the way

Total value: $804.


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If you have any questions please email help@barbellshrugged.com

Train smart,

Doug and Anders

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