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Back Squat Bundle

3 Programs:

  1. 20RM Back Squat Program – High Volume, High Intensity ($47 value)
  2. OTC: 1RM Back Squat Cycle – Medium Volume, High Intensity ($47 value)
  3. Squat the House Accessory Squat Program – Medium Intensity, Medium Volume ($47 value)

2 BIG Bonuses:

  1. Nutrition for Weightlifters – How to Eat to Gain Muscle ($97 value)
  2. Movement Specific Mobility – Joint by Joint Assessment and Mobility Exercises ($197 value)

Total Value $435.

The back squat plateaus are over.

Volume. Intensity. Maintenance.

Three programs, nutrition, and mobility to end the questions, once and for all, “How do I increase my back squat?”

Step 1: High volume, 20 rep back squats to add size. This program will test your will, grow legs, like tree trunks, a barrel core, and mental toughness.

Step 2: After adding slabs of muscle to your frame, turn that new muscle into maximum strength in this 8-week squat cycle building to a new 1 Rep Max.

Step 3: Keep the gains for good. No more backtracking. Squat the House is an accessory squat program to add to your program as you chase your fitness goals.

Nutrition to feed the beast.

Mobility to prepare and protect the joints.

The most comprehensive back squat bundle to increase size and strength.

Start Today.

Let’s Get Strong.

If you have any questions please email help@barbellshrugged.com

Train smart,

Doug and Anders

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