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EMOM Aesthetics Bundle

Efficient and Effective Training to get Jacked, Lean, and Athletic

Program Goals

  • Effective and Efficient Muscle Building
  • High Volume, High Intensity Training
  • Targeted Arms, Abs, and Glutes Training
  • Increase Metcons and Burn Fat
  • Two Personalized Nutrition Programs

What You Get: 5 Efficient and Effective Hypertrophy Training Programs

What you get:

  1. EMOM Aesthetics – 50 High Intensity, Muscle Building EMOM Workouts ($47)
  2. EMOM Aesthetics: Strong 30 – High Volume, High Intensity, Muscle Building ($47)
  3. EMOM Aesthetics: Arms and Abs – Accessory Program Targeting Arms and Abs ($47)
  4. EMOM Aesthetics: Abs and Glutes – Accessory Program Targeting Abs and Glutes ($47)
  5. EMOM Aesthetics: Breathe and Burn – Accessory Program to Burn Fat and Increase Metcons ($47)

Two Bonus Personalized Nutrition Resources:

  1. Shredded Nutrition – 12 Module Nutrition Course, Meal Plans, Tracking Sheets, and Recipes to Lose Body Fat and Gain Lean Muscle ($147)
  2. OTC: Macronutrient Calculator – Personalized Macro Calculator to get the body you desire ($97)

Total Retail Value $479 for all 7 Programs.

7 Programs for the price of 2 saving you over $382.


“I Want to be Jacked, Lean, and Athletic”

For a long time, training was the only thing that mattered.

Everything I did in and out of the gym was designed to make me stronger.

Those days do not exist any more.

I am an adult, have kids, and a business to run.

My life no longer fuels my training. Instead, training fuels my life.

But, that doesn’t mean I do not train hard, have goals, or value training any less.

I still want to be jacked, lean, athletic, and train 3-5 times a week.

I still want to be strong, look good, and get my metcon fix.

Now, I just have to be more efficient, effective, and intelligent in how I lift weight.

“EMOM Aesthetics” is the answer. This is the first program, since I found CrossFit, that has radically shifted my enjoyment and results in the gym.

The program fits my life, builds muscle, creates intensity that mimics metcons without the beatdown, and keeps my strength numbers near lifetime PR’s.


“Results: The Only Metric That Matters”

EMOM Aesthetics “fitting” my lifestyle is not enough.

A lot of things “fit” my lifestyle but don’t produce results.

Who cares how much something “fits” your life if it doesn’t make you stronger, increase hypertrophy, and get you lean and athletic.

Results are king.

That is why for the last five months I have gone all in on the EMOM Aesthetics methodology.

Yes, it “fits” my life, but it also produces better results, in a shorter time, than the standard strength training models.

Full body hypertrophy training takes 90 minutes, destroys my body, and takes days to recover.

Functional fitness is too intense, too heavy, and my joints hate me after a couple weeks.

EMOM Aesthetics blends functional fitness and strength training into a hypertrophy focused program that keeps your joints healthy, muscles strong, and “fits” life so you can get back to what is most important.


“Hypertrophy 101: How to get Jacked, Lean, and Athletic”

I am going to save you the pain of getting your exercise science degree.

Let the strength nerds be strength nerds.

You focus on practical, easy to implement solutions, without all the scary words like sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar hypertrophy.

You need three things to increase muscle hypertrophy:

  1. External Load – You get this by lifting weights and increasing those weights over time to increase demand on the muscles.
  2. Muscle Damage – Actual damage to muscle tissue that will be repaired. This tends to happen most during eccentric, or lowering, portions of lifting weights.
  3. Muscular Stress – This is where you get your pump on and feel muscles swelling.

No big words, just simple concepts, and implementing these principles into your training can be just as easy.

EMOM Aesthetics is my training program because we address these concepts in an effective and efficient way, without wasting your time.

  1. External Load – Progressive overload, gradually increasing load or reps creates an increased demand to build muscle.
  2. Muscle Damage – Adding tempos, controlled eccentrics, or increased time under tension takes.
  3. Muscular Stress – Choosing appropriate rep ranges, 8-12 (about 45 seconds), and carefully crafted accessory exercises to grow.

“EMOM Aesthetics Bundle”is the most efficient, effective way to get jacked, lean, and athletic without spending 60-90 minutes a day working out.


Sample Workouts

“EMOM Aesthetics”


“EMOM Aesthetics: Strong 30”


“EMOM Aesthetics: Arms and Abs”


“EMOM Aesthetics: Abs and Glutes”


“EMOM Aesthetics: Breathe and Burn”


Bonus 1: “Shredded Nutrition”

Shredded Nutrition is a 12-part, digital nutrition course guiding you through the process of losing body fat. Increasing lean muscle, and creating long term habits that lead to success.

Module 1: It’s On You
Why Effort and Drive Might Be The Only Thing Holding You Back

Module 2: Sleep More
How Your Sleeping Patterns Are Causing You To Get, And Stay, Fat!

Module 3: Foods On The Fence
Which “Not So Bad” Foods Can You Still Eat?

Module 4: Making Time
2 Easy Tricks To Get More Done In Less Time

Module 5: Making Time
How To Find Extra Time To Train More, Eat Better and Lose More Fat

Module 6: Performance Supplements
My Top 3 Supplements To Help You Crush Your Workouts

Module 7: Supplements For Health
My Top 3 Supplements For Health and Energy

Module 8: Social Eating
How To Get More Support and Keep Other People From Killing Your Progress

Module 9: Macronutrient Breakdown
Gotta Know Your Macros

Module 10: Calories
How Much To Eat To Lose Fat Without Starving Yourself

Module 11: Energy Meals
Building The Perfect Meals To Lose Fat and Perform At Your Best

Module 12: What To Eat
The Best and Worst Foods For Fat Loss


Bonus 2: Personalized Macronutrient Calculator

Personalizes your nutrition plan building specific guidelines for your body, goals, and lifestyle.


Recommended Equipment

*Having access to a gym is suggested

  • Pull Up Bar or Something Similar
  • Rings, TRX, or Suspension Training System
  • Bench, Box, or Chair for Dips
  • Bands
  • Barbells
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Cardio Equipment


Get Jacked, Lean, and Athletic Today

Barbell Shrugged’s “EMOM Aesthetics Bundle” is the most efficient, effective way to build muscle, stay lean, and athletic without spending 60-90 minutes a day working out.

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Start Today.

Doug and Anders


If you have any questions please email help@barbellshrugged.com

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