Barbell Shrugged

Our favorite post-workout meals

Doug Larson

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  • 1. Steak and potatoes.

    2. Kirklands nonfat greek yogurt with dark chocolate chips and coconut sugar.

    3. Fried rice with bacon, ground turkey, and eggs.

    Too bad I already gained 19# of lean body mass and now have to lose 20# of fat. Starting fluffy sucks.

    • Just go paleo, with scaled down (but still carb friendly) post-WOD meals. Keep lifting heavy, but limit volume and excessive conditioning. That will help you harden up.

  • Chris, ur the best.. I will do tons of that sweetpotato.. The best “tato” u can eat!! Chilli, garlic lime fried rice with chicken aint that bad..


  • Hey guys, awesome video, just a quick question, i live a bit far from where i train, so on the way back home i have to wait half an hour for the bus, then be 20 min on the bus, then walk 20 min to get home, what should i eat during that time, instead of waiting more than an hour to start eating. Ive taken protein bars and stuff but by the time i get home i just feel so hungry. What should I do?
    Thanks 😉

    • Hi Evelyn. You need to take a real meal along with you. Something you can have in your gym bag and eat on the way home. If it was me, I’d make a big batch of beef stew once a week in the crockpot. Before leaving the house, dump a scoop into tupperware and you’ll be out the door in 5 minutes. Prep and planning will make this easy. It’s also waaay better than bars and buying meals.

  • Sweet potato hash at 24 Diner is incredible. Next time try the Chicken and Waffles post a heavy lifting session in Austin. Life changing. Gotta get the dark meat.

  • Hey guys,
    Awesome episode, I know it’s from a year or so ago but im a bit behind the times. Just wondering what you guys think is a good clean WPI? I currently use BSN for all my supps but im interested in trying something else and getting on this dextrose rrain as well.

    Thanks guys. Love the podcasts!

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