Barbell Shrugged

Overcoming injury and staying brutally strong for life

Doug Larson

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  • We’ve had the chance to interview loads of smart, strong coaches. Justin is right at the top of that list. If you know what’s good for you, you will check out all of his stuff.

  • As someone working through post-surgery rehab right now, it’ always cool to read stuff like this from such a high level athlete.

  • I just had ankle surgery in March, and although it’s been extremely aggravating it has given me great perspective. As the classic saying goes “you don’t know what ya got till it’s gone”, and boy is that more true than ever for me right now. Whether you’re limited in training from an injury, or completely unable to train at all, just keep improving the best you can. While your short term goals may change, you’ll find that your long term goals will still be there waiting for you when you’re back at it.

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