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EMOM Aesthetics: Arms and Abs



EMOM Aesthetics: Arms and Abs

Six Weeks to Strong, Chiseled Arms and Abs


Beach Muscles Are Back

Strong, defined, chiseled arms and abs.

Yes, performance matters and I want you to get stronger.

Yes, learning complex movements and getting more athletic is great.

But, let’s be honest.

You would trade the athleticism and performance for jacked arms and a shredded six pack.

Training beach muscles is fun.

Everyone loves looking in the mirror with a sick pump and flexing as hard as they can.

That is why we created “EMOM Aesthetics: Arms and Abs.”

Your comprehensive accessory training program for strong, chiseled arms and Abs.


How Does it Work?

“EMOM Aesthetics: Arms and Abs” a 6-week add on training program targeted to increasing muscle, strength and size in your arms and abs.

“EMOM Aesthetics: Arms and Abs,” is to be completed after your current training program twice a week to monitor training volume, frequency, and recovery.

Bonus Resources:

  1. How to Eat
  2. Macronutrient Guide
  3. Recovery Guide
  4. Video Movement Guide
  5. Workout Tracking Sheets


Sample Workouts


What Equipment is Needed?

  • Pull Up Bar
  • Dumbbells
  • Barbell and Plates
  • Cable Machine or Bands
  • Rings (Optional)


Looking Good Naked Has Never Been So Easy

Jacked arms.

Shredded abs.

“EMOM Aesthetics: Arms and Abs” can be yours today for $47.

Click, “Add to Cart,” Apple Pay, or Paypal to purchase today.

You will immediately be emailed your copy of the eBook and have access to all 10-weeks of workouts to start today.

You will receive “EMOM Aesthetics: Arms and Abs” within 2 minutes of placing your order.

Purchase “EMOM Aesthetics: Arms and Abs” today for $47.

Click, “Add to Cart,” Apple Pay, or Paypal to purchase today.

30 Day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.


Start Today.

Doug and Anders


If you have any questions please email help@barbellshrugged.com


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