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EMOM Aesthetics: Breathe and Burn



EMOM Aesthetics: Breathe and Burn

Fat Burning, High Intensity Interval Training

  • Finish your workouts with Functional HIIT to shed body fat
  • Build a lean, athletic physique
  • FInishers to push the intensity on your metcons


Functional, Fat Burning Finishers

This is the final touch on building a strong, lean, and athletic body.

The strength work is done, you built all the muscle, and now it is time to kick start the metabolism, burn the extra body fat, and hit a high intensity finisher to end your.

“EMOM Aesthetics: Breathe and Burn” is packed with High Intensity Interval Training finishers to build the athletic frame you are looking for.

Your comprehensive accessory training program for better metcons, spiking your metabolism, and fat loss.


How Does it Work?

“EMOM Aesthetics: Breathe and Burn” a 6-week add on training program targeted to increasing metcons, burning fat and building athleticism.

“EMOM Aesthetics: Breathe and Burn” is to be completed after your current training program twice a week to monitor training volume, frequency, and recovery.

Bonus Resources:

  1. How to Eat
  2. Macronutrient Guide
  3. Recovery Guide
  4. Video Movement Guide
  5. Workout Tracking Sheets


Sample Workouts

Each workout is exactly 20 minutes long and is to be completed in addition to your current training program.


What Equipment is Needed?

  • Jump Rope
  • Dumbbells or Kettlebells
  • Assault Air Bike
  • Rower
  • Ski Erg
  • Box Jump
  • Prowler or Sled


Finishers for a Strong, Lean, and Athletic Body

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Doug and Anders


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