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EMOM Aesthetics: High Intensity Hypertrophy

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Program Goals

  • Effective and Efficient Muscle Building
  • High Volume, High Intensity Training
  • Increase Lean Muscle and Shed Body fat
  • Metabolic Conditioning Without the Burnout
  • Eliminate Spending 60-90 Minutes a Day in the Gym


EMOM Aesthetics: Strong, Lean, and Athletic

By definition, “EMOM Aesthetics” is our most effective and efficient hypertrophy training program for busy people that want to get strong, lean, and athletic.

I am a strength athlete.

I pride myself on training hard, being strong, staying lean, and the athlete’s mindset.

I competed in CrossFit at the regional level four times, competed in Olympic Weightlifting, and John Cena was my training partner for four years.

I love training, being in the gym, and have built my entire life around strength.

However, life evolves, I am married, I am a father, run a business, and as life progresses, so does my training.

I do not have 60-90 minutes a day to be in the gym.

The more time I spend at the gym the less I am with my family.

My life used to fuel my training. Now, training fuels my life.

I still want to be strong, lean, and athletic, but I need to be more efficient and effective in how I train so I do not neglect the other buckets of life (Husband, Dad, and Business).

“EMOM Aesthetics” is the answer.

Effective and efficient hypertrophy training program for busy people that want to get strong, lean, and athletic without spending 60-90 minutes in the gym.


What is High Intensity Hypertrophy?

By definition, “EMOM Aesthetics” is our most effective and efficient hypertrophy training program for busy people that want to get strong, lean, and athletic.

Effective and Efficient Hypertrophy Training to get Strong, Lean, and Athletic.

Getting strong is not complicated.

You need three things to build muscle:

  1. External Load – You get this by lifting weights and increasing those weights over time to increase demand on the muscles.
  2. Muscle Damage – Actual damage to muscle tissue that will be repaired. This tends to happen most during eccentric, or lowering, portions of lifting weights.
  3. Muscular Stress – This is where you get your pump on and feel muscles swelling.

In “High Intensity Hypertrophy,” Weekly Undulating Periodization creates a system of weekly fluctuations in volume and intensity to optimize strength and hypertrophy.

Getting lean is not complicated.

You need three things to lose body fat:

  1. Energy Balance – Calories in vs. Calories out. Eating in a slight calorie deficit with intelligent strength training is the most effective strategy to getting lean.
  2. Protein Intake – Getting lean requires losing fat, keeping, and gaining muscle.
  3. Carbs and Fat – You choose. Get the first two right, choose the type of foods you like, and you are on your way to losing body fat, building muscle, and getting lean.

“Nutrition for Weightlifters” is your guide to eating to gain strength, increase muscle, and lose body fat so you can get strong, lean and athletic.

Being an Athlete is Fun.

Athletes train with purpose.

Training is the fuel for your life.

You don’t have to compete in CrossFit, Weightlifting, Strongman, or Bodybuilding to be an athlete.

You are an athlete of life because you have the physical freedom to run, kick, jump, play, and live an active life.

You lift weight to build muscle and protect your joints.

You eat well to fuel your lifestyle.

You optimize your time in the gym to maximize your quality of life outside it.

It does not take 60-90 minutes in the gym to get strong, ramp up your metabolism, get a pump, and go home feeling great.

Efficient, Effective Hypertrophy Training To Get Strong, Lean, and Athletic.

“How to Get Strong: Weekly Undulating Periodization”

By definition, “EMOM Aesthetics” is our most effective and efficient hypertrophy training program for busy people that want to get strong, lean, and athletic.

Putting the STRONG in strong, lean, and athletic.

“High Intensity Hypertrophy” follows a Weekly Undulating Periodization template.

Backup….that is a lot to digest.

What this means is that the total volume and intensity of your workouts will fluctuate week to week.

Volume is the total amount of sets and reps you will do each week.

Intensity is the amount of weight you will use, based on your current strength, during those reps and sets.


  • Week 1 – Front Squat @ 70%
  • Week 2 – Back Squat @ 60%
  • Week 3 – Front Squat w/ 3 Sec Pause at Bottom @ 80%
  • Week 4 – One and a Quarter Back Squat @ 65%

Each workout in “High Intensity Hypertrophy” is delivered in an EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute) format.

The EMOM format systematically increases intensity of workouts, decreases rest, and optimizes every minute you are in the gym.

Each week, those EMOMs will fluctuate in volume and intensity.

You will know exactly how long your workout will be each day, every week, and the amount of weight to use during that workout.

Ranging from 15 – 30 minutes, the total volume and intensity will fluctuate week to week to optimize strength, muscle growth, and recovery.

Volume fluctuates each week following a Weekly Undulating Periodization model that gives each muscle group between 10-20 working sets per week depending on total volume (ie., high or low volume week).

These weekly variations ensure you continually make progress without fully adapting or plateauing in your training.
“High Intensity Hypertrophy”: Efficient, Effective Hypertrophy Training To Get Strong, Lean, and Athletic.


“Get Lean: How To Look Like You Workout”

Looking LEAN in Strong, Lean, and Athletic

What does your ideal body look like?

You can easily create that image in your head.

It is not an insanely shredded six pack. But, you do have noticeable abs.

It is not giant arms with monster veins popping out. It is arms that easily fill out your t-shirt.

Your glutes and quads fill out shorts and jeans making it obvious that you have spent plenty of time under a barbell.

You shop for athletic cuts, shirts that fit your body, and you walk around proud of the work you have put in at the gym.

The physical changes are great.

What you are chasing however is the confidence, commitment, and discipline that comes with achieving your goals.

Confidence is how you feel reaching your goal.

Commitment is the skill of focusing on that goal.

Discipline is doing the right thing in the face of adversity.

“High Intensity Hypertrophy” makes nutrition easy.

  1. “How to Eat” – Eliminate the dogma of fad diets and learn the nutrition principles to fuel your workouts to build muscle and lose body fat.
  2. “Macronutrient Guide” – Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrates make up every piece of food you consume. Proper application of the quantity, quality, and timing of your food makes reaching your goals fun, easy, and attainable.
  3. The Four Stages of Nutrition – Learning Energy Balance and Calories
    1. Maintenance – Nutrition for Life
    2. Calorie Deficit – The Art of Fat Loss
    3. Calorie Surplus – Eating to Bulk
    4. Refeed – Nutrition After Fat Loss

Along with the FREE Bonus, “Nutrition for Weightlifters” you will have every tool you need to build a strong, lean, and athletic body.


“24/7 Coaching and Support”

I get it. I am with you.

I am busy as hell, get pulled in a million different directions, and fitness is not always easy.

Taking on a new program can be a huge learning curve.

How to get started, substitutions, scaling, or just plain learning how to read workouts.

I got you.

I have coached thousands of people to reach their goals, get stronger, leaner, more athletic, and it is my favorite part of the job.

Our private, Members Only group on Facebook is a vibrant community of like minded people looking to get stronger, leaner, and more athletic all while making fitness work in their busy lives.

From the podcast reaching thousands of people weekly to each individual question we receive in the group, we are here to help you get stronger, leaner, and more athletic.

People are the engine that keep Barbell Shrugged moving forward.

We are here for you and welcome you to the Shrugged family.

“Who is “High Intensity Hypertrophy” For?”

High Intensity Hypertrophy is the right program for you if:

  1. You want an efficient and effective way to get strong, lean, and athletic.
  2. You have a busy schedule and want efficient and effective workouts.
  3. You work long hours and struggle sticking to a workout program.
  4. You are juggling friends, family, and work and struggle to find time for your own fitness.
  5. You want an effective way to add muscle and lose body fat.
  6. You want to put on muscle and cannot workout for 10 hours a week.
  7. You want to be in an engaging group with coaching and community support to reach your goals.
  8. Fitness is the fuel for living a quality life.


“People That Should Not Do High Intensity Hypertrophy”

  1. Competitive CrossFit Athletes
  2. Competitive Olympic Weightlifters
  3. Competitive BodyBuilders
  4. People that like spending multiple hours a day at the gym.
  5. People looking for super secret special supplements to make them scary strong (other “S” words).
  6. People that do not want to be strong, lean, and athletic.


Sample Workouts

Week 1, Day 1

Week 4, Day 1


Bonus 1: “Nutrition for Weightlifters”



Bonus 2: “OTC: Personalized Macronutrient Calculator”

Personalizes your nutrition plan building specific guidelines for your body, goals, and lifestyle.

Bonus 3: “Movement Specific Mobility”



Bonus 4: “Underground Strength Evolution”



Bonus 5: “Flight School”



Bonus 6: “Faction Firebreather Skill Sheets”



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Free Monthly Bonuses ($147 Value)


Bonus 1: “Maximum Mobility”



Bonus 2: “Snatch and Clean and Jerk Technique”



Bonus 3:”Faction Foods”



Bonus 4: “Shredded Nutrition”



Recommended Equipment

*  Having access to a gym is suggested

  • Pull Up Bar or Something Similar
  • Rings, TRX, or Suspension Training System
  • Bench, Box, or Chair for Dips
  • Bands
  • Barbells
  • Dumbbells
  • Kettlebells
  • Cardio Equipment


High Intensity Hypertrophy: Get Strong, Lean, and Athletic Today

Barbell Shrugged’s “EMOM Aesthetics: High Intensity Hypertrophy” is the most efficient, effective way for busy people to get strong, lean, and athletic without spending 60-90 minutes a day working out.

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Start Today.

Doug and Anders

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