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The Martial Arts community had it right.

You show up and you are a white belt. As you progress, gain experience, and develop skills you get new belts that represent your level of mastery.

In fitness, there is no such system.

You are either a “CrossFit Games Athlete” or “General Pop.”


In your pursuit of strength and fitness there are tests, skills, and progressions that show express your level of mastery.

Faction Firebreather Skills Sheet is that belting system, outlining the skills you must attain, goals to reach, and fitness you must achieve to go from a grey shirt, “Wod Ninja” to a black shirt “1%er.”

What is the Faction Firebreather Skills Sheet?

The Faction Firebreather Skill Sheet is a comprehensive list of fitness skills, tests, and standards, broken into the following categories, to express your fitness mastery.

  • Hips: (Back Squats, Vertical Jump, Deadlift, Pistols)
  • Upper Push: (Push Ups, Bench Press, Military Press, Handstand Hold, Ring Dips)
  • Upper Pull: (Clean, Pull Up, Muscle Up)
  • Core: (Sit Ups, L-Sit, Toes to Bar)
  • Speed: (Run 400, Row 500, Dumbbell Snatch)
  • Work Capacity: (1Mile Run, “Helen,” 2,000m Row)


Included in Faction Firebreather Skills Sheet

  • Male and Female Specific Standards
  • Six Age Group Standards
  • Four Categories for Advancement
  • Scaling and Exercise Progressions


If you have any questions please email help@barbellshrugged.com

Train smart,

Doug and Anders


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