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Nutrition Bundle

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Nutrition Bundle

Get Shredded
Build Muscle
Goal Specific, Individualized Nutrition

3 Programs:

  1. Shredded Nutrition – Lose Body Fat, Gain Lean Muscle ($97)
  2. Nutrition for Weightlifters – Gain Muscle and Increase Strength ($97)
  3. Faction Foods Nutrition Course – How To Eat for Health and Longevity ($97)

2 BIG Bonuses:

  1. EMOM Aesthetics – Build lean muscle and get shredded ($47)
  2. 20 Rep Back Squat Program – The Best Selling Program for building muscle mass. ($47)

Total Value $385 for all 5 Programs

Goal Specific Nutrition to Lose Body Fat and Gain Muscle

Nutritional freedom is here.

The right foods, the perfect quantities, personalized to your body type, activity level, and lifestyle

Lose Body Fat. Build Muscle.

The Nutrition Bundle has every resource, guideline, and template to follow.

Success, however, is defined by a deeper drive, to stick to the plan, not give in when the cravings call and the easy route is to “just have one.”

Creating a physique, losing fat, building muscle, achieving your goal is much bigger than the 10 pounds on the scale or 20 pounds on the bar.

The confidence you build, knowing you succeed when you have a plan.

Commitment to that plan when the easy option is to cave in.

Discipline to overcome obstacles in the face of adversity.

That is why the 10 pounds matters.

That is why building muscle matters.

The Nutrition Bundle is the tool to unlock your potential, Barbell Shrugged is the team that has your back to get you there.

Start Today.

What You Get: Personalized Nutrition and Training Programs

Shredded Nutrition: Lose Body Fat, Gain Lean Muscle

Nutrition for Weightlifters: Increase Size and Strength without gaining excess body fat

Faction Foods: Your solution to health, longevity, maintenance, and nutritional habits.

Added Bonuses

EMOM Aesthetics: Brand New Body Part Split training program to increase muscle, burn fat, and focus on aesthetics.

20 Rep Back Squat Program: The Best Selling program for increasing muscle mass, size, and strength.

The Nutrition Bundle is your guide to reducing body fat, increasing lean , muscle, and building habits that empower you to live your strongest, healthiest life through nutrition.

Start Today.

Doug and Anders


If you have any questions please email help@barbellshrugged.com


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