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The Goal is to Get Brutally Strong

8-Weeks to 6 Lifetime PR’s



“The weight was too heavy… and I was helpless”

This story ends with “Anders Varner” stenciled on John Cena’s garage door at his private gym, Hard Nock’s South, in Tampa, Florida.

It starts with a DNF in front of thousands at the CrossFit Regional.

The weight was too heavy. Everyone in my heat finished. Four minutes remained on the time cap. Everyone gathered, cheered, and I was helpless.

A full year of training culminating in the cold realization that strength was my biggest weakness.

“That will never happen to me again,” I thought. In that moment, I committed to becoming a true strength athlete.

I did “regular gym programming.” Sure, it got me strong. But strong is not the goal.

The goal is to get brutally strong, to leave no doubt, and become a true strength athlete.

Becoming One Ton Strong -> John Cena

I committed to strength. I wrote countless programs and threw them all away.

Finding percentages, mixing squat cycles, calculating volume, speed, power, and dosing accessory movements.

The One Ton Strong training plan was born. The next year at regionals, I overhead squatted 245# for a triple and my team walked out with a first place finish. The strongest team in SoCal.

In 2012, John Cena became a member at my gym, San Diego Athletics. We trained together for four years.

In 2015, Cena invited me to his private gym, Hard Nocks South, in Tampa FL.

Minutes before boarding a private jet out of Los Angeles, he looked at me and said, “You ready for the One Ton Challenge?”

“You are going to set a 1RM in the snatch, clean, jerk, squat, deadlift, and bench press. Add them all up and the goal is 2,000 pounds.”

48 hour later, my name was stenciled in John Cena’s gym on the “Iron Warriors” mural.

Snatch – 232#
Clean – 308#
Jerk – 300#
Squat – 419#
Deadlift – 465#
Bench Press – 285#
One Ton Total – 2,009#

This program, One Ton Strong, took me from DNF at the CrossFit Regional to a private jet with John Cena, ending with my name stenciled on the most famous garage door in strength.

One Ton Strong has been crafted, tested, and perfected by hundreds of strength athletes.

Now is your time to get One Ton Strong.


The goal is to get brutally strong. One Ton Strong

  1. Click the Add To Cart button – add a bunch of groceries to your cart too. You’ll need a lot of food to recover from the training.
  2. Commit for 8 weeks – Clear your schedule. In 8 weeks, you will take the One Ton Challenge and PR your Snatch, Clean, Jerk, Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press.
  3. Focus – Clear your schedule. Every meal, sleep, and training session matters.


What’s Included

This is a full 8-week program designed for 5 training days per week. Ideally, you will train Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.

Each training session includes olympic lifting, strength training, accessory work, and core training.

Added bonuses:

  • 6 Snatch Video Tutorials
  • 6 Clean Video Tutorials
  • 6 Jerk Video Tutorials
  • 3 Squat Video Tutorials
  • 1 Deadlift Video Tutorials
  • 1 Bench Press Video Tutorials


Sample Day of Programming

Week 6 – Day 1:

A. Snatch – 75% x 2, 80% x 2, 85% x 2, 2

B. Snatch Pulls (based off snatch max) – 98% x 5, 104% x 4, 108% x 3

C. Front Squat – 5 x 6 @ 10 pounds heavier than Week 5, Day 1

D. EMOM x 12 Minutes

  1. Weighted Pull Ups x 6 (Increase weight 5 pounds from week 4)
  2. Reverse Lunges x 10 (60/40 pound dumbbells)

E. Accumulate 30 Strict Toes to Bar in as few sets as possible

  1. Every time you drop off the bar do 15 V-Ups


Money Back Guarantee

You’ve got 30 days to get your money back, no questions asked.

30 days is more than enough time to see the whole program and put it to the test. I want you to start the program and start making progress. If it’s not working for you, you’ll get your money back. But commit to the process. Make the time in the gym. Fuel yourself with enough food, and get the sleep you need to recover.

It is time to get One Ton Strong.

If you have any questions please email

Train smart,

Doug and Anders


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