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Snatch and Clean & Jerk Technique



Snatch and Clean & Jerk Technique

A Step-by Step Guide to Improve Your Technique in the Olympic Lifts

  • Do you want to snatch more weight with better technique?
  • Do you want to increase your mobility and overhead to set new PR’s?
  • Do you want drills and explanations for each position to improve your lifting?



Zach Krych, US National Weightlifting Champion
Sara Krych, Strength and Conditioning expert

Zach has an amazing story about training to go to the Olympics then breaking both arms/wrists at the same time and being told by his surgeon that he’ll never lift anything over 50 pounds ever again. He then came back to become a National Champion in the sport. The story is incredible!

Here’s his come-back story:


Making the Complex Simple

“Snatch and Clean and Jerk Technique” is your guide to simplifying the most complex movements you can perform in the weightroom.

I often refer to mastering the snatch and clean and jerk as getting your PHD in lifting weights.

Everyone squats, deadlifts, and bench presses. Understanding these basic lifts and developing strength is similar to getting a bachelor’s degree. Yes, it is important to have these lifts, but everyone has them, they aren’t that special.

It is not until you commit to the Olympic lifts that you start chasing advanced degrees.

Snatch and Clean and Jerk, this is where the real learning begins.


Strength, Power, and Athleticism

“Snatch and Clean and Jerk Technique” is your passage to simplifying the most complex lifts performed in the weight room.

Teaching you the mechanics of your start position.

Explaining drill to help you pull under the bar faster.

Step-by-step explanation on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pull in the snatch and clean.

Mastering the overhead squat.

Teaching a strong position in the split jerk, how your feet move, and creating stability overhead.

This course simplifies the complex allowing guiding you to the strongest, most powerful, athletic strength athlete you can be.


How Does it Work?

“Snatch and Clean and Jerk Technique” is a 13 part series guiding you through every step of the snatch and clean and jerk.

Module 1: Introduction
Module 2: Overhead Squat
Module 3: Snatch Balance
Module 4: Making Contact with the Bar
Module 5: High Pull Above the Knee
Module 6: Power Snatch
Module 7: Snatch Starts
Module 8: Full Snatch
Module 9: Front Squat
Module 10: Hang Clean
Module 11: Full Clean
Module 12: The Jerk
Module 13: Closing Thoughts



Bonus Materials

Module 1: Snatch Pull
Module 2: 3 Position Snatch Pull
Module 3: Snatch Pull Down
Module 4: Muscle Snatch
Module 5: Power Snatch
Module 6: Snatch Without Moving Feet
Module 7: Clean Pull
Module 8: 3 Position Clean Pull
Module 9: Clean Pull Down
Module 10: Power Clean
Module 11: Clean Without Moving Feet
Module 12: Jerk Dip
Module 13: Jerk and Split
Module 14: Jerk Split Forward
Module 15: Jerk from Behind the Neck
Module 16: 2 Tips on Position
Module 17: Sots Press



Master the Snatch and Clean and Jerk

The Olympic lifts are scary.

Heavy weight moves fast, your body is moving faster, and the complexity of the lifts is enough to scare the strongest people away from the barbell.

Do not let that discourage you. We are here to make the complex simple and get you stronger, faster.

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