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Doug Larson


  • Screw creatine, gimme some of that ATP juice! Hulk gainz!
    Thanks for doing these podcasts guys. Love the sciencey ones.

  • Thanks for the show. A couple of shows now I’ve heard Dr. Galpin say that body composition is the best predictor of health and VO2 max for longevity. Could you post a link to the study (or studies)? Seems interesting to a guy in his 40’s who just wants to be healthy and keep up with the young troops, and my daughter 🙂

      • Makes sense. Really just curious how lean and how high the vo2 max. You answered that. Funny doctors still rely primarily on blood markers. My doctor doesn’t test muscle mass, body fat or vo2. Maybe I have a bad doctor but I suspect it is par for the course. It’s hard to get to awesome when the standard is “not sick.”

        • Well, they are limited by time and cost pressures. The good news is that you can track that stuff, and observe how comp affects your overall health and well being. Just combine with the info you get from your physician. Or, go find a Doc that takes more variables in consideration. They are out there, and as Andy suggests, getting more important every day.

  • Any chance we could get access to the results of that twin case study involving the marathoner and the sedentary twin and their difference in VO2 max and other training adaptations?

    • The work needs to be completed, and submitted to a journal for review. Once published, it can be read. Bummer, but science takes time. Cheers,

  • GREAT SHOW AS ALWAYS! THANK YOU!!! During the show you asked us to message you if we were interested in helping with Barbell University. I am definitely interested in that and feel I could make a great contribution to that project as an instructor and student! If you are interested please check out my web site for more about my qualifications and let me know how I can help!

    • We should kick out more info on this soon. By late fall, perhaps. You’d be surprised at all the work that goes into something like this. Endless thought and tinkering of the initial idea. The final form will be very impressive.

  • Freaking awesome episode! This made me want to jump back into college and get to learning. I definitely love to hear about the transitions with exercise science and where it’s heading. My ears perked when I heard the Barbell University, so I’ll be shooting an e-mail that way.
    Keep it up guys,

    • The cool thing is that nothing can ever stop us from learning, especially now that technology puts so much knowledge within reach. So, jump! 🙂

    • No, I think this was in the process of coming out. Overall, though, breath is pretty much the foundation of everything. Terrestrial life itself, of course, but also in training and fitness. Just in martial arts and eastern philosophy alone it’s the root of striking, endurance, mindfulness…Glad to see some fresh research now coming out on that power.
      We’ll share when we see it.

  • What is the best way to get into Dr. Galpin’s program at Cal State Fullerton? It sounds incredibly interesting and something that is going to push Human performance into more breakthroughs. Or would you recommend another program to get involved in?

  • Interesting segment on the over speed training. It reminds me sprint and high cadence training we would do in cycling. On sprint days we pair up with a teammate and do 15-20 second jumps with the easiest gear on our bike. Part of the focus was to spin as fast and hard as you could without bouncing out of your saddle. When we would move into heavier gear ratios we were already wound up with those faster spins to put the hammer down.
    Never really thought about it but seems to have some similarities to the over speed. Pretty cool stuff.

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