Barbell Shrugged

Reigning Supreme w/ Crossfit Games Athlete Julie Foucher and CTP

Doug Larson

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  • CTP, you seem a like a cool dude. You’re obviously on point when it comes to the technology side of things. Nevertheless, I’m not sure that you’re built to be the on camera talent. Your interview was somewhat uncomfortable and unnatural. Who knows, maybe you just need to find your groove. I may be wrong. However, many people waste a lot of time trying to do something that they aren’t built for, rather than investing in the things that they are obviously gifted with. Might that be the case with you?

    • Ha! If this was my 5th interview you might have a point. I had a blast! Wouldn’t life be a bitch if we all made decisions off our first time trying something. But I do appreciate your concern with my time, I’m sure you mean well!

      • CTP, don’t let anybody tell you that you are not cut up for things that you are trying to explore. Great interview. I had a pleasure to be a member of the CrossFit gym where Julie workout outs on the regular bases while in medical school in Cleveland. She is all business and the fact that you made her open up on here is a huge accomplishment. Your video skills are dope btw.

    • Sean, motivation might not be your strongest skill. If your kid was a little shaky on their the first bike ride, would you tell them to stick to walking? I hope not.

      • Well put. Feedback should be delivered with the intent to improve, not to discourage others from following their curiosities or pursuing their passions. I love the podcast. I think that your team delivers value added content for athletes at all levels and it comes from a place that makes you feel that you are learning together versus I am better than. I personally have found that the podcasts make me laugh, they remind me why training is fun, they help me overcome obstacles and realize that it’s not about being perfect. Thank you for doing what you do 🙂

    • Have you seen barbellshrugged episone 1? 2?…Not the most comfortable or smooth. Episode 1 of ANY successful podcast for that matter? Seriously dude, chill. CTP, do your thing.

  • Oh, and I disagree with the comment Sean made above. I thought the interview was very natural and well done. If either of you ever want to talk about spirituality feel free to e mail me. I am always looking for intelligent people to discuss the deeper aspects of life with. Thanks again

  • I felt CTP took over the interview instead of adding too it. Allow for the guest to expand more instead of adding personal experience. Practice makes perfect, so don’t stop with just this one. Thanks

  • Why is everyone an armchair quarterback on all of these videos? If you feel the need to point it out, these guys know it already. They are an esoteric group of self-improvers and are certainly aware of their shortfalls. Good job CTP, keep them coming. Reign Supreme.

  • i love this … i always listen to you guys when im working, its great just listening to the conversations, and i learn so much each time
    CTP cool to see you for a change 🙂
    hi from Australia xxx

  • Good interview! I was interesting seeing you Chris; you’re someone that we don’t really “know” that well yet. Odd to think that you’ve been there for the vast majority of the shows (maybe all of them, I don’t know). I almost enjoyed listening to you as much as Julie; you bring up some pretty interesting ideas. I shouldn’t be surprised, it would be hard not to have some interesting ideas when you get to hang out with/observe the dozens of unique people you guys have on the show 😉 Keep it up!

    • Thanks! Yea I’ve been there for ALL of them… in fact I’m the only one of the 4 of us who has been there for every episode 🙂

  • Hey man, that was super cool!
    Not used to the webcam thing but it doesn’t alter the interesting topic that you guys came with in any way.
    Keep up the amazing stuff! (either side of the camera.)

  • Nice work CTP. Didn’t realize Julie was on the god-squad…strange how many of the top folks fall in that camp IMO.

  • All I want to know is…did Julie Foucher just do an entire interview in a Snuggie? Was I the only one who wondered? CTP, I really enjoyed seeing you in front of the camera. Thanks for all the work you put in.

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