Barbell Shrugged

The Arnold Schwarzenegger Staredown – Get Change

Doug Larson

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  • March 6th 2013
    March 6th 2013 was the day I discovered the Barbell Shrugged podcast through Jon North. March 6th will forever be the day that my life, and the way I arrange my priorities changed. I was but an 18-year-old lad, and I was knowledge bombed by the cast, the guests, and the community. This week I applied to the Norwegian School of Sport Science. I have been studying economics for a year, but it has been like plateauing in life and holding myself down. You see; I have been faced with many people telling me: “Sport Science? Are you going to become a PE teacher? There is not a lot of money in that “. The Barbell lifestyle has however taught me that nay-sayers will be nay-sayers so even if they try to hold me down with the social constructs and “their” way of life, I know I am right to pursue my happiness and tell them to fuck off!

    Thank you Barbell Shrugged, and all your wonderful friends and guests for giving me the courage to pursue happiness before riches!

    • Yeah, I agree with CTP. You should tell them to fuck off. You can do ANYTHING you want. Those types will always be prisoners of themselves. Sad thing, but not for you, homie. Go kill it. Best to you…Chris

    • Exactly.
      Have a vision of where you want to be and just start checking off the things to do in order to get there

  • The Governator is on reddit quite a bit, it’s one of the better ways to grab his attention if you trully want an interview.

  • Wow! Truly enlightening final thoughts on being present, not projecting, and keeping to the grindstone. Thank you for all the continued content.

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