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Shoulder Rehab: How To Strengthen Your Rotator Cuff w/ Face Pulls – TechniqueWOD

Doug Larson

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  • Thanks for the video Doug. I have one question. When I do the face pull with external rotation, there is a lot of snap, crackle, and pop in my shoulders. Is that normal or ok or something I should be concerned about? Thanks again.

  • How often a week should this be done. I have bad shoulders. Hanging from the bar hurts. Kipping and dipping is painfully uncomfortable. Overhead squat and squat snatch as well. Thanks.

  • Wow thanks for the vid this was so helpful. Would you have any other suggestions on rehabbing an injury that happened during my birth; I was diagnosed with Erbs Palsy in my right arm and shoulder, so essentially my range of motion is probably at about 60% and my strength is 50% of that in my left arm. There is also considerable physical differences between my two sides, my right arm is underdeveloped and somewhat smaller/shorter than my left side and certain movements are limited as well as range of motion. Skills like HSPU, strict PU and MU have always presented a huge obstacle for me, I’d love any input or suggestion from you guys !

  • I think this is really helpful and I’m giving it a try today. But also I have a question, what exercises or what would you recommend for shoulder mobility, doing the normal warmup does not help that much and after working out and stretching is usually the same or tighter. I’ve done days of just shoulder mobility and that doesn’t help that much…so what I’m doing is not working that well.


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