Barbell Shrugged

Squat Every Day w/ Cory Gregory of MusclePharm – Barbell Shrugged #170

Doug Larson

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  • This is such an awesome article about a high-level achiever who pursued his dreams and disregarded the nay-sayers.

    It’s also inspiring as a gym co-owner myself to see someone get such amazing results in a simple (not easy) way. I’m going to throw the podcast on and lunge it out haha. Plus, I have goals in alignment with Corey so why not model the model?! haha.

    Amazing the results Corey has earned with a focus on the squatting everyday.

    Thank you guys at BBS for putting out so much amazing content. Keep it coming!



  • One of my fav episodes to date! A incredible story/ journey in life, fitness, and biz. I will be listening to this one again soon! Keep up the great work guys!

  • This episode ranks up right up there with my #1 fave episode you did with Zach Even Esh. Both these guys have magneyetic personalities that you can help but be drawn too. Really engaging. Thanks for this!!!

  • You guys keep killing it with the podcasts. You keep me motivated and keep my head in the game when it gets tough.

    Wish you all the success possible.

  • You really need to run your articles through spelling/grammer check before you post.

    You are a repeat offender.

    • Tom, I get it. However, If you wrote as much as I do, you might be intimately aware 1. Typos are very hard to see under daily deadlines, and 2. Spell-checkers, even apps like Grammerly, DON’T catch all errors. I work solo on this blog. Maybe in the future I can have a full editor here, but until then, I recommend you don’t take things like this so seriously. This is not an offensive error.

  • Great podcast! Unbelievable story, once again hearing that there is no shortcut or replacement for hard work!! Keep em coming guys, always look forward to Wednesday’s!

  • Hey guys! Great podcast and great timing! I’ve developed tendonitis on my wrist and according to research, the only way I have a chance at recovering is to lay off the wrist completely. Naturally I don’t want to stop training but I don’t know how to program for said wrist injury. “Squatting/ lunging every day” is definitely something I can do but you also said not to do 5×5 front squats every day lol… Could you please help me come up with something I can do for 2+ months while i try to recover? I’ve tried reaching out to others but haven’t had any luck with programming help yet.

    • Hey bhakti, I had the same problem. Get wrist straps. You are going to have to cut down on volume, but they will allow you to still lift by mitigating the pain.
      It made a huge difference for me.

      Remember tendons and connective tissue take about 4-6 weeks to strengthen. Let your body recover at its own pace. It’s much better in the long run.

      • Thanks Jagmeet; I’ve got the straps (my coach suggested them) I just need help with programming now. I can’t do the normal house WODs and in “squatting every day” I don’t know how many reps & sets I should do (I’d really love some help on programming that!) I’ve also been following “Stronglifts 5×5′ with the exception of bench and press and i’ve been front squatting the other 2/3 days.

  • Would this workout work for someone who already deadlifts 550# but can’t squat much? Squatting everyday worked great on my back squat but I stopped squatting and I don’t even know where I’m at anymore. I deadlift 550# though. My goal is to get my front-squat up and my deadlift too.

    high bar and front Squatting prs that are much less weight than my deadlift aren’t going to help my deads right?

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